Motorhoming in Spain … January Birthday in the Sun!

Today has been a first for the Hubster! A January birthday in the sunshine and very pleasant it was too. We met up with our new friends Steve and Judy and cycled down along the cycle path to the coastal village of Agua Dulce.


My version of Agua Dulce in Spain


A very pleasant ride along the coast on a very flat surface, what a treat, although pulling Charlie along isn’t the most ergonomic way to travel. As if to rub salt in the wound Steve and Judy have the most fantastic pedal-assist bicycles which means that on arrival at the tapas bar at the Marina, they looked cool and collected and we turned up looking a little bit as though we had been dragged through a hedge backwards!! Not to worry, nothing a good meal wouldn’t rectify!


At the base of the cliffs


Agua Dulce Marina

We were surprised at how busy the town was, all the locals and visitors were taking advantage of the beautiful weather and were walking along the prom. Many children out and about on their roller skates and bikes, Mums with pushchairs, dog walkers all out to take in the sea air. We found we had to ride down the road instead of on the paved prom for fear of running over some poor unsuspecting child! It still amuses me to see the reaction of people when they realise we have a dog in the trailer, in particular the children, they are so attracted to Charlie it really is quite amazing.

We managed to get a table in the sun overlooking the marina. To the back of the restaurant was a cliff face and I noticed the apartment buildings built up to the rocks, the residents must have the most impressive view over the Med.


They build them high here in Spain


Just because it’s January doesn’t mean the tourists are left alone. There’s always someone trying to make a buck

We chose the mixed fried fish starter and whitebait, a bottle of Rose for the ladies and a couple of chilled beers for the men. We then opted for the 1 metre pizza, (yes you did read that correctly) we assumed this would be a metre in circumference but no this was a metre in length and totally delicious. It’s a good job we only ordered one as we had debated getting two! It was more than enough for the four of us.


As it said on the menu 1 metre Pizza!


Yum Yum anyone for Fried Milk?


A group of children following Charlie in his trailer. PS their English was word perfect!

It was a leisurely lunch with the only deadline of getting back to the camp-site before dark! As we returned the sun was disappearing without a show, no red sky or stunning sunset but it was equally impressive, everything had taken on a ‘grey’ tone and looking out to sea and seeing the sky meeting the sea with a little sailing boat on the horizon was really quite stunning. As for the clouds forming above the palm trees I found the depth of the view quite stunning. We did get back before dark and had a quick coffee sat outside the van, the air quickly chilling us until eventually we all decided it was time to go and get warm in our respective vans.


Monotone but far from boring


Where the sea meets the sky


Dramatic cloud formations

We are now, hunkered down, the heater is on, the dog is snoring and we are feeling relaxed and happy. We had a super day and pleased that we found the cycling even easier today which is very very encouraging.

Ah now then a quick update on Harry! We had a visit from the Mechanic, Carlos, yesterday, he had a look at the engine, he fiddled about under the bonnet, attached some kind of computer and said that should sort out the problem! Something to do with the on-board computer being set back to default settings. He shook our hands, drove off and didn’t charge us a penny!! That can’t be right, surely?


Carlos meets Harry (complete with onlooker!)


Does anyone know what goes on in here???? We certainly don’t have a clue!

We’ve yet to do a test drive to see if it has solved the 4th gear problem. We are going to take Harry over to the garage next week for a quick service, an oil change, a new filter and other little bits and bobs, just to make sure Harry is up to another couple of months of Spanish roadways. After all he deserves to be spoiled a little bit too.

6 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … January Birthday in the Sun!

  1. Ha H a I am still laughing, you are so funny with your discription of things, very good I might add. fried milk. Those children probably think Charlie looks very regal in the pull along.Its freezing here. I feel a bit envious when i see the sun in your neck of the woods. xx

    • Hi, I’m not sure what the Fried Milk was, I think maybe it was Creme Caramel!!! Charlie is a real Prince when he zips along in his ‘chariot’ he’s such a snob (don’t know where he gets that from!!) If it’s any consolation – it’s very windy and a little chilly here today, Hope you like the film I did!!!

  2. Really pleased to see the four of you are continuing to have a great time. Birthday tapas and pizza! Looked like you could have used a hand with the pizza. Many happy returns Bari.

    • Sorry we ate the lot! It’s windy here today but still lovely and warm, although I feel like snuggling down and watching an Epic movie, maybe Australia or something that I can fall asleep in front of!! We’ll be in touch soon, can you email me your skype address please???? Love to you both xxx

  3. What a lovely day for birthday celebration! Happy Birthday! I’ll nibble on a bit of that pizza. The problem with this vacation is I’m only able to enjoy the food visually… maybe that’s a good thing. 🙂 What’s not to like about Charlie, and even better Charlie in the trailer? 😀

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