Motorhoming in Spain … Waiting for Harry!

Just a short blog today, because we no longer have full time internet access!

Yesterday, we were introduced to the game Petanque by Steve and Judy, it’s a fun game and although I’m not the most competitive of people I came out with a half decent score. This morning I’ve woken  up with an aching wrist, honestly I’m such a namby pamby!! The campsite has three Petanque areas, and they are commandeered daily, by German residents who are here for months at a time! We really did feel like the ‘new boys on the block’ as they watched us arrive with our brand new, recently purchased, shiny boules! (courtesy of S and J!)

Today we took Harry, the motorhome, into Roquetas de Mar this morning. He needed a little bit of TLC, after all we have made him haul us over 11000 kilometres so far so we thought it was only right to look after him for a change!!!


Harry receiving a little bit of TLC

We drove him to DDM Taller, in Roquetas, where Carlos, the owner set about giving him a new Air Filter, Oil Filter, Oil Change, in other words a full service. This would take approximately 2-3 hours, so we took the dog and said we’d go for a walk. We walked until we could walk no more! We did the big boulevards, we did the small back streets, we did the promenade by the beach.


There seems to be a lot of ground waiting to be built on over here!


One of the many walks in Roquetas


Roquetas de Mar

Half way along, we decided a coffee was in order and I said as it was slightly grey, could we find a cafe with a pavement heater? We found one which probably served the strongest coffee in Spain, (I doubt I’ll sleep tonight due to the overdose of caffeine!) It was full of the local Guardia Civil and Policemen, having their breakfast!! A gentle start to their working day! It had a patio heater, not exactly what I was expecting though!


The Police need their coffee too!


Patio Heater of sorts!!!

As we walked along the beach-front there were all sorts of lovely birds, it was a lovely walk and it was getting warmer and warmer by the minute.


Well camouflaged bird


I’m guessing this is a Heron!

The town of Roquetas is nice enough, I wouldn’t say it was worth a detour to get here but it certainly does have all the essentials. If you’re ever in this part of the world – I think Agua Dulce would be the better option, it is much more picturesque and has a lovely promenade and beach side cafes, bars and restaurants. However, even Roquetas has interesting things to see including the bullring, good shops and above all garages!!!


The bull ring, still in use!


Pretty balcony at Roquetas


One of many beautiful, modern villas in Roquetas.


Charlie makes friends with a Baby Spanish Puglet.

I’m pleased to announce that Harry survived his ordeal and even I noticed that he sounds much smoother and less growly when he’s up and running! Long live Harry!!!!

6 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … Waiting for Harry!

    • He’s fabulous Dave, I can’t believe that one day we will have to sell him, I’m hoping we’ll be able to find a place where I can park him up and I’ll use him as an office or a reading room – wouldn’t that be cool? I love this life, I don’t ever want it to stop, I just wish I could think of a way of earning a living from Harry!!!

    • Thanks for that, I’m not a birdwatcher but I do love them. I’m going to look so cool next time when I say “Ooh look there’s a Little Egret!!!” Hope all is well with you, still reading your blog. Take care.

    • Oh I’ve just said to my Husband I think today was the first day I didn’t take a photo of Charlie, poor little so and so was asleep most of the day!!! But he loved being with us on our day out. Take care xx

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