Motorhoming in Spain … a trip to the market.

I’m not sure why we were so tired last night! It must’ve been all the walking we did yesterday, we were in bed at 7:30 pm, we were absolutely shattered as was poor Charlie.

The result of an early night means we were up with the larks! So we set about giving Harry a good clean, and it wasn’t a moment too soon. I did the inside, carefully removing a thin (she coughs) coat of fine sand and dust from all the shelves and the cupboard doors, the floor was swept and mopped, the loo was given the ‘once over’ and is now smelling sweet. I did the inside and outside of the windows and the odd bit of washing up left over from yesterday. As the Hubster set about the outside of the van, he even cleaned the wheel hubs, gosh and I thought they were a bronze colour, nope, they’re meant to be a silvery grey! Harry is looking good and feeling good. So that just left the dog!!! So I got a couple of buckets of warm water and gave him a bath, I soaked him down, lathered him up and rinsed him off, you’d think he’d be grateful, no such luck, Charlie hasn’t looked at me all day, he thinks I’m the woman from hell!!! But I don’t care, he like the van, looks good and smells good.

With all our chores done, hand washing drying in the breeze, we took the bikes and went down onto the cycle track and rode into Roquetas for the Thursday market.


Busy cafe at Roquetas Market


Trinkets for sale, not sure what the little round egg thingies are!!

This is one massive market, fruit, veg, trinkets, clothing, bedding and believe it or not some guy even tried to sell me a young Chihuahua puppy for 500 Euros. The Hubster reckoned he would’ve sold his grandmother too, if anyone had shown any interest.


Temptation Number 1


Temptation Number 2


Keep on walking Michelle!!

All the stalls looked really lovely, the colours were just so tantalizing but it’s good living in a motorhome as you just CANNOT be tempted as there is just nowhere to put anything. We did succumb to the Churros and they were absolutely delicious, the chap asked me how many I wanted so I said two, boy, big mistake, next time one will be more than enough for both of us including the odd bite for Charlie. It’s a good job we haven’t indulged in these sweet, doughy, deep-fried naughties before or we would be hooked and it would so easily become a daily habit!!


One temptation we did give in to, and glad we did. Delicious!

We also bought some Sharon Fruit/Persimmons, some tangerines and some oranges, all for 2 Euros. It’s such a pleasure to see fruit as it should be; not too pretty, not polished, not presented in plastic trays covered in Clingfilm. These oranges were waxy, an uneven shape and even had spots on but once peeled they were unlike any oranges I’ve ever tasted. Sheer nectar.


2 Euros worth of Fruit.


Ugly but delicious!

As a result of the walk yesterday, Charlie really wasn’t on form today, he was truly shattered and we’ve made a mental note not to push him quite so far. It was really quite upsetting to see him struggling walking around the market and there were just so many people it must’ve been really unpleasant for the poor little soul. We didn’t stay too long and he was pleased to get back onto his trailer and slept on the ride home.

On the way back we passed the big salt flat which is next to a large expanse of waste land, I’m not sure whether it is earmarked for a building project but at the moment it has skips full of bricks and rubbish. The last couple of times we’ve cycled past it, we’ve noticed various motorhomes, one in particular has been there each time.


Salty patch of land!


My bug bear!!

They are parked up, they have their chairs and tables out, they have their dogs running around and I guess this is their holiday. As a newbie motor homer, I have my opinions on this … so get ready!!!

OK if you want to wild camp on the side of a mountain or on a secluded beach for a night, great, do it, enjoy it. I can totally understand someone wanting to do this, enjoying the views, the peace etc. After all that is the joy of motorhoming, the fact that you can be totally autonomous. But, oh yes there’s a but!!! What I don’t understand is people who park up like this in front of some flats, a hotel, a car park or sometimes on a town square. These people obviously get their water from the taps on the beach but I would love to know (or maybe not!) where do they empty their waste water and their toilets???? There are no facilities for this purpose and they’ve been there a while! Yuk doesn’t really bear thinking about. What really irritates me is that people like this are going to bring motor homers a bad name, they are freeloading, and no doubt polluting where they shouldn’t. No wonder there are so many ‘NO MOTORHOME’ signs around. There, I feel better now I’ve got that off my chest! Please excuse my rant!

2 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … a trip to the market.

  1. I didn’t know about the free camping, so now you’ve educated someone. All those eye popping colors! I hope Charlie is feeling better, today.

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