Motorhoming in Spain … Last day at Roquetas de Mar

I don’t know how we decide when it’s time to move on! It appears to have taken on a natural, mutual, relatively simple decision making process. The Hubster may say,“Shall we leave here on Friday?” I’ll answer something like, “Yep – or we could wait till the weekend” and that’s it! The decision is made, no discussions, no arguments, it’s a joy!  This has changed dramatically from when we first started out on our trip, it seemed to take an age to decide where we were going and when, the whys, the wherefores etc. etc. We’ve now realised this isn’t, actually, all that important.  As a result, it makes life so much easier. Either way we’ve decided to move on tomorrow, so today has been spent cleaning up and tidying the inside of Harry. Last bits of hand-washing have been done, the lockers on the underside of Harry have been emptied and swept out. (First time since we started living in Harry about 8 months ago. There was a fair bit of sand and dust in them there lockers I can tell you. The carpet has been swept and hung on the line in the sun, Charlie’s bedding has been aired and shaken, the hairs flying off and sticking to Harry’s bonnet by static! Honestly and to think we only just washed him a day ago!! It’ll blow off once we hit the road!


Clouds coming over the top of the mountains. Fortunately they don’t stay around for too long!

We took Charlie for his last walk down on the beach this morning, it was a calm day, no wind blowing in our faces making the trip all the more energetic. This was a gentle little trip. I let the Hubster ride on at his pace with Charlie lying in the trailer behind him, he seems to like the wind in his face. I, on the other hand, take my time, I become quite hypnotised by the gentle, melodic whirring of the wheels turning, the crackling of the light gravel under the tyres and the metronomic clicking as the chain catches each time it makes a full circle. I love the trip down to the beach through tall, lanky pampas-like grasses, as we pass, dozens of little birds take to the air, flashing their little, yellow tummies as they flit above the foliage.


Enjoying his last day on this beach, time for a new one! He’s turned into a real Beach Bum!


This area is a cyclists dream, there are miles of cycle lanes all running along side the beach, parallel to these lanes are pedestrian walkways which are particularly busy at weekends. Today, being Saturday, there were many Keep fitters, jogging, power walking, dog walking but also we noticed quite a few elderly local residents just walking along and enjoying the sunshine and the beach.


Can’t take the credit for this, taken by the Hubster. I have competition!

The colours here are striking, the blues really are azure blue and the reds and yellows of the sands, rocks and mountains bring a vibrancy that is quite extraordinary. I just can’t get enough of it. Sometimes I wish I could paint, it’s really quite inspiring but I’m afraid I have to make do with my Canon and trust me, I’m certainly not complaining. These photos that I take will be my past time in my old age, I could look at them and study them over and over again and not get bored or tired of seeing these beautiful scenes.


Amazing views, left, right and centre. This is the road we’ll be taking tomorrow. looking forward to some great views.

We have a large skylight in Harry the Hymer and at first we used to draw the blind over so as to keep out the daylight, moonlight, shadows etc. Now we sleep with it uncovered which means on many a night we lie in our bed looking up at the moon and stars or maybe the silhouette of a palm tree, every morning the first thing I look for is blue sky. Just this morning, I opened my eyes, looked up and said “ Oh look it’s blue sky and no clouds” Honestly you’d think I’d only just arrived, I mean really I’ve seen more blue skies since travelling than I’ve probably seen in my whole life and it still puts a massive, smile on my face. Yesterday, wasn’t the case, we woke up to rain, it was grizzly but it didn’t last long and by 10 am we were sat outside having our coffee in the sunshine. It must be sheer bliss to live in a place like this, although it’s worth bearing in mind that in the summer the temperature can rise to about 38 degrees, not quite so much fun when you’re living in a metal can!


Can’t beat a palm tree against blue sky!

I apologise for yet more photos of the beach, the sea and the surrounding area, in fact they are probably copies of photos I’ve taken over the last week, but I just can’t get enough of it! I hope, wherever you are this will bring you a little bit of cheery sunshine and transport you for a couple of minutes to warmer climes.


Local landscape


A little warmth for you 🙂

2 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … Last day at Roquetas de Mar

  1. Love the picture of Charlie lounging in the trailer. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful adventure. I know I’ve said it before but it bears repeating. And congratulations to the hubster for the picture. Nicely balanced. 🙂

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