Motorhoming in Spain … Getting ready for another trip!

We were planning to leave Roquetas de Mar and make our way over to Mazarron.


Time to move on

I really enjoy getting the van ready for a trip, I love tying everything down, locking everything up and making sure everything is secure. I have a check list that I keep on the dashboard; on one side all the things that need doing before leaving and on the other side, the all important measurements of Harry – very useful when we approach bridges or narrow roads!!  Charlie isn’t overly keen on the travelling part of this adventure, he’s much happier when we arrive somewhere and he gets his routine back! But today was fine, it wasn’t too long a journey, so not to much discomfort or upset for the boy!


The List Lady has a list!


Repeat after me: We will not get stuck under a bridge!!!

We had a great journey over here, it was about 200 kilometres and we set off at about 10 this morning. We stopped on route for a coffee and we were here in no time at all. The roads were all but empty and apart from a couple of cars, one bus and maybe two lorries,all the other road users were Motorhomes!! Not at all like a journey on a motorway in the UK! Thanks to the visit to Carlos the mechanic, Harry performed beautifully even taking the hills in his stride. There was a noticeable difference in the way he managed to hold his own today!


Rush Hour


Bye Bye Rpquetas and Agua Dulce

Judy and Steve have a monster of a motorhome, it’s huge compared to little Harry and we think Harry is big! The interior of their van is massive, plenty of room to swing a cat, if that’s what you’re into!


Little and Large

If you’ve been looking at any maps you may well have noticed that we are,in fact,retracing our steps, but this time in a much leisurely fashion. So today we saw the arid countryside that we had passed a couple of months ago. It is quite amazing how people can grow anything on this land, but they do, this is the Salad Bowl of Spain, there were crops everywhere, every inch was taken up by ploughed areas full of greenery and there were of course the endless runs of polythene tunnels and greenhouses, they are a bit of an eyesore but you have to take your hat off to these people and their ingenuity. At first glance the landscape appears to be so inhospitable it is quite remarkable what they achieve here.


Fish Farming – I’m told!


Yay! Animals, haven’t seen a lot of them in Spain


Troglodytes are moving in!


Just a couple of greenhouses.

We arrived at the campsite and we were relieved to find they had two pitches left (just two)  During the time it took us to set up Harry, three couples had been and looked at the one remaining empty space next to us, it has now been taken!! Can you believe this? it’s the middle of winter and the place is full to capacity and then some!

It’s really chilly today and there is a biting wind, we went off on the bikes to have a quick look around the site and it looks fine, we do some more discovering tomorrow, but the good thing is that it is near a village/town with everything we shall need and the beach looks fantastic, Charlie has already had a bit of a run.  We’ve now retreated to our little home, we’ve had a copious bowl of Penne Putanesca, the heating is on, the dog is snoring and I’ve just heard a couple of raindrops land on the roof.

Here’s a little video of how clean and tidy Harry looks when we get ready to move on!!!


4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … Getting ready for another trip!

  1. What an amazing journey. The video is great! I enjoyed seeing your set up. I’m almost right there. I wondered about how Charlie was secured. Now, I know. 🙂

    • Yes I’m pleased I can do some little videos – it’s only taken me 8 months to work out how to do it although it takes forever to upload them so unless I have a very good connection, I don’t really have the patience 😀

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