Motorhoming in Spain … Costa Calida–you’re having a laugh!

This post is going to please all of you who are fed up to the back teeth with me going on about how fantastic our trip is!! All is not well in Paradise!

This area is called the Costa Calida which translated means the Warm  Coast! Yeah well someone is taking the mickey, it ain’t so warm today, I can tell you!


Out fishing, no matter what the weather!

Last night we went to bed listening to rain falling, it fell lightly for a long while and then it started pouring down, I just couldn’t sleep, and it was windy too, which gave a slight rock to the van. I was aware that I’d left Charlie’s trailer outside and all the bedding would be getting wet along with our matting, thankfully I’d had the foresight to fold up our chairs and pop them underneath the van – but I wasn’t going to leave my warm bed and go out in my pjs!


Feels like snow is in the air today!

On arrival yesterday, one of our French neighbours informed us that there had been a frost overnight, so we decided it would be prudent to put Harry’s Silver Screen on. It’s a brilliant addition, not only does he look really cool but it keeps out the cold and it worked last night, I was as warm as toast. When we woke this morning, we padded over to the loos, not the closest in the world but hey, it wasn’t raining so we were grateful we only had to tiptoe between the huge puddles that had formed overnight. Given that this area is on the edge of the only Desert in Europe and it has an average annual rainfall of 34mm, we should feel privileged that we were here to experience most of the 34 mm fall in one night!


Not many fools walking on the beach today … just us!

We got up and took Charlie for a walk around the local town, OMG it was bitterly cold, the wind was blowing and it bit! I ended up wearing gloves, hat and scarf and it was cutting through my jeans! It was chilling. We walked along the beach and although I did take some photos, I’m afraid my heart wasn’t in it, so I’ve dotted them  through today’s post.


Don’t be fooled by the blue sky, it’s bitterly cold today.


Some fishermen decided it’s too cold to go out today!

Walking back through the camp site I noticed that even though we’d had no choice of pitch yesterday, looking around I realised that the pitches were extremely close to one another, no hedges or separation between vans, also it seems incredibly organised and a little too neat and tidy for me!

As we walked around the site Charlie pottered along side, we stood, admiring various vans, Charlie decided to lift his leg on one of the large dustbins that are dotted around the place, he’d already been emptied – if you get my drift, so it was literally just a drip! The next thing you know there is a German man, banging on his window at us, “What the hell?” It may well be justified if Charlie had done something disgusting, which, may I add I would’ve cleared up but for goodness sake did this guy seriously have nothing better to do than watch out for an old elderly dog with a weak bladder! I was going off this place!


Beautiful view towards Cabo de Gato, a first for me, puddles on the beach!


Palm trees taking a battering by a bitter wind on the beach at Mazarron

On returning to Harry, I was horrified to hear over a Tannoy system:  “Ding Ding Ding, The bicycle repair man has arrived – The bicycle repair man has arrived, Ding Ding Ding”! What is this? Butlins? Hi de Hi?

Half an hour later I glanced out of Harry’s window and was horrified to see a group of German residents working out, very gently, to the least energetic music I’ve ever heard.


And up…Ein, zwei, drei, and down… Ein, zwei, drei!!

Then “Ding Ding Ding, Would someone from Pitch 328 come to reception please, Would someone from Pitch 328 come to reception please. Ding Ding Ding”!

Oh no, this just won’t do! This just isn’t us, so what can we do, I certainly won’t be joining in with the ‘keep fit and lose the fat’ brigade as for the bloody Tannoy going off every 30 minutes! Aghhhhhhh. And as if to add insult to injury the campsite Wi-Fi doesn’t cover our Pitch, sod’s law eh?


The pretty town of Mazarron with mountains in the background

What to do? Walking – too cold, Biking – too cold, shopping – too lazy!!! So we decided to pop into the local village find a restaurant, order something to eat and have a glass of wine!! Guess what? All the bars and restaurants were closed!!! Damn it!



It’ll take more than this to keep us down though, so we popped into the local supermarket, bought a few bits and bobs and have come back to Harry. We’ve had delicious Cheese and Ham toasties (with Marmite of course) a little glass of wine, the heater is on, and as soon as I finish this post,  I’m going to be looking for somewhere to move on to. Watch this space!!!


4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … Costa Calida–you’re having a laugh!

  1. Glad you’re still enjoying life despite the cooler weather. Trust me – it’s colder in England. And you have the certainty that it will get warmer soon. Wish we were there. Kevnjan.

    • Oh Kevin and Jan, it’s still so beautiful here. It’s damn chilly but I keep telling myself it’s good for me! I drove Harry along La Manga today, so I’m feeling very chuffed with myself and am having a glass of Rose to celebrate! I’ll raise a toast to you two, we too wish you were here xxx Take care.

    • Oh It’s been really chilly, but I’ve found my gloves and my woolly hat so I’m ready for anything! The sky is still the most beautiful blue and the sun shines so I’m certainly not complaining!!

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