Motorhoming in Spain … Dirty Harry hits the road

We couldn’t leave the campsite at Mazarron quickly enough this morning …

… it was having a seriously, depressing effect on both of us. It is truly the first time since we set off that I didn’t want to open up the blinds in the morning and peek out at our new surroundings! I knew that from the front window I had a view of a very, tall, dark green wall that backed the tennis courts,  out of the kitchen window the view of someone else’s van, just 4 foot away, and to the other side a view over about 7 other vans. Not at all inspiring. There was absolutely no privacy whatsoever, which yesterday hadn’t been a problem as it was so cold and miserable we spent all day in the van with the heating on! We did try to imagine how awful that site would’ve been if it had been sunny with everyone crammed together and trying to sit out and enjoy the sun, just inches away from the neighbours.

I took Charlie and went for a morning walk on the beach which I must admit was truly stunning. the sun was shining, the wind had dropped a wee bit and the tractors were out raking the sand. The views of the coastline were totally stunning and out at sea was a Naval Ship and Submarine, is there something going on that we don’t know about? We haven’t seen any English news for such a long time, who knows maybe war has broken out in Europe and we aren’t even aware of it. As they say, ‘ignorance is bliss!’


One thing this site did have was a motorhome wash, we thought we would take advantage of it before leaving and give Harry a bit of a rub down. We inserted the coin, squeezed the trigger on the hand gun, nothing, pressed a few buttons, nothing, I went back to reception to ask for another token as it wasn’t working, this was duly issued and I traipsed back to the Hubster, who carefully chose the program, inserted the token, squeezed the trigger on the handgun, (you know where this is heading don’t you?) yep, zilch, nada, nothing. So we took great pleasure in driving Harry off the premises as dirty as she was when we arrived! Oh I’ve just realised we can now call her ‘Dirty Harry’! Ha Ha that’s just made me chuckle!


We are still totally bemused as to why everyone had recommended this site, it just wasn’t our cup of tea, it was for all intents and purposes just a glorified car park, the loos and showers left quite a lot to be desired, so much so that I ended up having a shower in Harry this morning as I just couldn’t bring myself to go into the shower block. And another thing, while I complaining can anyone answer this question for me? Why oh why is it that a certain race of people, (no names mentioned) decide that it is in the toilet block, first thing in the morning that they congregate and chat? I mean, really, I’m only half awake, padding along to the loo, and there they are a group of four or five women having a good old gossip! It’s hardly the most salubrious of venues is it?


Anyway enough of me going on, we set off and have headed for La Manga, the land of golfing, (I do hope the Hubster will be able to cope!) We both have our golf clubs on board but so far the golf has been firstly too pricey and secondly it’s a long time to leave Charlie in the van so that’s put paid to that pipe dream! However there is a crazy golf on this campsite so who knows we may get the putters out sooner than we had thought!



We took the motorway over, even though there was a toll to pay, I’m not sure why maybe because we subconsciously wanted to put as many miles between us and ‘that’ campsite as quickly as possible! The views were different today, there were some beautiful rock formations, and some incredible colours, ochre, red, yellow and burnt oranges and then of course as luck would have it, the sun came out and we saw the azure blue of the Mediterranean on the horizon. In fact it was a bit of an optical illusion as the sea appeared to be lying higher than the land! (Which is very flat here, which could be great for cycling!)





It is definitely colder now and we find that even though at 6pm it’s still daylight and the sky is blue with little fluffy clouds, it’s far to chilly to sit out. But it’s great to come in, where it’s warm and cosy and watch the TV, edit photos, write my blog etc. We are happy here and the first impressions of this site are very favourable, I shall update with photos and info on my coming posts.


2 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … Dirty Harry hits the road

    • I think we’re going to settle here for a while, it’ll be good for Charlie and there are plenty of things to see and do in the area so we may just go discovering very soon….watch this space and we’ll take you with us 😀

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