Motorhoming in Spain … La Manga

We are in a lovely campsite, it’s a sprawling place, there must be over 1000 pitches. although you wouldn’t know it, each of the pitches for caravans, tents and motorhomes has high hedges on three sides, affording some privacy which is perfect, plus we have three empty pitches around us, so we feel very comfortable here. We also have a water supply and a waste drain on our pitch so it’s very convenient. The shower block is further away than on other sites so I thought as we have a waste drain, I would shower in the van, until yesterday morning when a bird decided to poop on my head!!! There’s no way I could wash my hair in Harry, it’s far too long and would take forever to rinse so yesterday I used the site showers and they aren’t the best that we’ve come across but they are perfectly adequate. Charlie likes it here too, there is enough room for him to stretch his legs and we get enough sunshine so he can sunbathe!


Some of the rigs here are huge, they even have buildings attached!

I will probably have another post about the site, but for now I want to tell you about the lovely day we’ve had today!

We started by taking Charlie for a lovely walk down to the beach, which is directly off the camp site, it’s a lovely beach dotted with palm trees and a lovely bar and restaurant and terrace which gives on to the lagoon.


Kissing Palm Trees


Charlie’s Beach

We’ve noticed that after a journey it takes Charlie two or three days to settle, once he knows where he is, he is back on full form and today he was really spritely. Firstly he had the beach to himself and he ran like a little race horse. Then he even played with another dog, a very odd occurrence for Charlie, he’s normally quite aloof but he was joyful today!


Ready to play


Human Playmate!


Miracle Dog!


Canine Playmate

I apologise for all the photos of the dog, but if you knew him before we left the UK you would understand that seeing him like this is truly a miracle! We didn’t think he’d get to see Christmas! This journey has been the making of him and has above all delayed his one way ticket to Doggie Heaven!!


The beach


Got the place to himself

We are at La Manga, which means ‘The Sleeve’ this is the narrow strip of land which juts out from the mainland and forms a semi circle of land which in turn creates a beautiful, blue lagoon. Today we decided to drive along the strip which is approximately 18 kilometres long. There is a dual carriage way that stretches from one end to the other. On either side of the road are hotels, apartments and various shopping areas with restaurants, cafes etc. Today it was very, very quiet (read; DEAD!) Not only are we out of season but it was also siesta time, so we had the place to ourselves, it was pretty special.


La Manga Ghost Town


The drive along La Manga


Empty Hotels

At the end of each block of buildings to the left and to the right there are the most incredible beaches and views to die for! To the right, the Mediterranean, to the left, the lagoon. Harry’s windscreen turned into a picture viewfinder, such wonderful seascapes. We drove to the end and stopped to let Charlie out and to fill our lungs with the brisk, sea air. Don’t be fooled by the blue skies, it’s still very chilly, but ever so pleasant or should I say bracing?


Another Cracking view


New Apartment … Anyone????


Sorry, is this getting boring yet?


There’s no one here but us!

At the risk of boring you again, here’s me with Wonder Dog!!!


Words fail me!!! Just so happy, I love my dog!!

10 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … La Manga

  1. Oh Michelle, I am so glad that you and Bagher are so happy and living the dream. And that Charlie is full of life! Bless him. What a fantastic journey. Thank you for sharing it. xxx

    • It’s been wonderful, although I’m a little naughty and have started counting how many days we have left!!! So I’m taking each day as it comes and enjoying every minute. Missing you though. Gosh I do hope we’ll be able to catch up with each other often, cheap flights to Malaga I hope!!!

    • Yes Charlie is a bit of eye candy!!! For dog lovers anyway. The views here are amazing, again today we went out on the bikes and I just couldn’t choose which shot to take. It’s all so lovely. I’m not bored of it yet so I hope my readers won’t be either 😀

  2. Beautiful pictures and absolutely great picture of you and Charlie dog. He looks so happy and well. What a fabulous life you have x

    • Sue thank you so much for getting in touch, it’s so good to hear from people we know! Charlie is just absolutely amazing, you wouldn’t recognise him, he’s refound his youth!! As for our life, it’s a total dream, sun, sea, beaches, lots and lots of food and wine, I can’t fit into my clothes but I don’t care! We’ll pay for this big time on our return but for now we’re just enjoying it. Please send a massive, massive hi to Jean and a big hug to you both. xxxxx

  3. Brilliant as usual, and that dog loves you. He landed himself a good life with you. I must admit I cant wait for you to mention him, I hold my breath incase he is poorley. Shame he had that accident , I think he has collitis my dog had that towards the end of his life, rice and chicken and good old chappie i was told, all the other stuff to rich. The places look great and I like how you give all the info, I think to myself will she remember all these places but of course you are recording it all.

    • Hey Yvonne, Yes Charlie definitely landed on his feet with us, we are total pushovers and now he’s found out that our neighbours are too!!! Yep he’s been on Chicken and Rice for a while now!!! Yes thank goodness for my blog or I would never remember all the places we’ve been!!!

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