Motorhoming in Spain … The Darker Side of Boule Players

Well, we’re here at La Manga and although I’ve read some pretty dire reviews online, about it being such a huge sprawling campsite, it actually is quite pleasant for us anyway. Once you are on your pitch, it’s lovely and private and because the site is so big, it offers quite amazing facilities, including many tennis courts, boule pitches, indoor heated swimming pool, supermarket and believe it or not, a church!


Pitches at La Manga Camping


Privacy supplied due to high hedging


Our Pitch

We have decided we need to stay down here in the sun for at least another couple of weeks before making our journey northwards. This appears to be quite central to visit things in the area, the site has everything we need including some lovely cycle routes along the coast into the local town. We did a ride this morning of about 10 kilometres and it was glorious. (it knocks driving down to Sainsbury’s in the car into a cocked hat!) We thought if we were going to be here for any length of time we would need a good internet connection. Well, this place has an incredible offer, internet and British TV (55 channels) for just 30 Euros a month! “OK” we said, “We’ll have that!”. An engineer arrived this morning, he installed a pole with two satellite dishes, a brand new router out of a sealed box, and a set top box for the TV! He spent at least an hour setting it all up and here we are with a fantastic internet connection and BBC World News to boot, so everyone is happy! How on earth they can make a profit is beyond comprehension.


I recommend!


Engineer installing our dishes!!

We have been out and purchased a set of boules! Oh dear, we’ve succumbed to retirement before our years, but it really is a great game. We sauntered off to the Boule Pitches yesterday and there are many here, there were at least 6 or 8 pitches and there was no one around. So we set about a game. Great fun. We noticed a few people arriving at the area, they didn’t say hello or particularly acknowledge us, even though they were British. We carried on playing and little by little there were more and more Brits that came and stood around us. Eventually there were about 30 people, it was quite intimidating, they stood and watched us but said nothing. We noticed they had their Boule sets with them and yet they didn’t approach us. Eventually a lady said, “Are you with the Rally?” To which I answered we weren’t. “Oh” she said “These pitches are reserved for the Rally!” I pointed out that there were no signs indicating that they were reserved and perhaps if that were the case, a couple of signs would be informative to those who weren’t in the know. To which she answered …are you ready for this? … ”Well they’ve always been reserved for the Rally, it’s been like that for years”  Years? What? Are you kidding me? For years at 2pm every day these pitches are reserved for the Rally!! Give me a break.

It really wasn’t important that the pitches were reserved and that there weren’t any signs, I’m the first to say live and let live and if these retirees want to have fun playing Boules every day at the same time then so be it. What really irritated me was the attitude of all these “older” people, there wasn’t one smile, not one person had the kindness of thought to ask if maybe we may like to join them. The men in particular were puffing up their chests and putting hands in their pockets!! I mean these are supposedly retired people who come to Spain to enjoy themselves, well, in my eyes, they were like schoolyard bullies. What really makes me laugh is that we too are members of this caravanning club and to be honest I feel like writing a letter and complaining about the attitude of their members. It really spoiled my day. I mean would they have behaved like that if we had been a Mum and Dad with two young children on holiday playing boules.

Anyway you live and learn and I am constantly surprised by the human race!

On a more pleasant note, the cycle route isn’t reserved for the rally, so we set off this morning with Charlie in tow. A new day, a new beach, boy this lad is as happy as a lark! On our ride back he actually got out of the trailer and “ran” along side my bike on a lead, I swear this dog thinks he’s a husky, Mush Mush!! Again the views were wonderful and I am adding some of the photos that I took this morning.



New Beach and a stick, can life really get any better than this?


Local fishermen setting up their nets.






4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … The Darker Side of Boule Players

  1. Sorry to hear about the ill-tempered ralliers. 😦 Wonderful to see Charlie looking so great! What a beautiful view and how lovely to have such a great connection to the internet and satellite. Hurrah! I like the pretty hedges fencing in your pitch. 🙂

    • Don’t worry Judy, it’ll take more than a crowd of grumpy people to get us down after all we are so lucky to be doing exactly what we want. We’ve had another lovely day today, with yet more photos, some not quite as beautiful as the others but there are two sides to Spain.

  2. I can just imagine that, what are some Brits like? We’re setting off in a few weeks travelling down through Spain, also retired, please don’t think we are all like that, it too would’ve spoilt my day. love reading your blog, can’t wait to do the same. Enjoy!

    • Oh gosh I know all retirees aren’t like that, we’ve met some of the sweetest and kindest people. You must be so excited, I wonder if you’ve done this before? If not, you are in for a real treat, it is so exciting and we’ve loved every moment including the bad ones (they always seem less horrid with hindsight!) if you want any tips or if we can help in any way just drop us a line. Have fun, keep safe and enjoy the ride!

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