Motorhoming in Spain … Beauty and the Beast

We felt full of confidence this morning, having cycled all the way along the coast into the village yesterday, we thought we go a little further today as there was a Sunday market and I also really wanted to find the port.

Aha, not as easy as it sounds, our legs were fatigued and we’d forgotten to factor in the fact that we’d only had 4 hours sleep! Don’t ask! We’re old enough to know better.

We went down to the local beach bar for a meal with our friends, last night and as luck would have it there was some evening entertainment, well it would be rude not to put in an appearance! There was a Rod Stewart tribute singer, now then, I have to say that in my opinion, he didn’t really look like Rod Stewart and he didn’t really sound like Rod Stewart but he really was a very good singer and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We stayed for about half an hour and then headed back to Harry. We were a little concerned about Charlie, as brilliant as he has been over the last couple of days, yesterday afternoon he was out of sorts and we didn’t want to leave him too long. Well, yes we left him too long and the poor little chap had had an accident in the van.  He must’ve been distraught – he’s such a clean dog and I think in his 15 years he’s only ever had one other accident. I will spare you all the gory details but suffice to say it kind of ended our evening out, special feeling rather abruptly with rubber glove, bleach and a bucket of water! He also had us up in the early hours of the morning, hence the lack of sleep!


Ooh look a little Egret!


And off she goes!

Now then back to this morning’s cycle ride, even though we were shattered, as the well coined phrase goes; “We’d started so we’d finish!” We arrived at the port and it was lovely, not as busy as I was hoping it would be, just a few Dutch tourists taking photos on their mobile phones and a couple of elderly chaps hoping to catch something for their Sunday Lunch.


Cabo de Palos port


Cabo de Palos Port


Cabo de Palos port


Cabo de Palos Marina


Yet another perfect view

We rode on to the Sunday market, which was two streets long, not a great deal to tempt us, unless we’d needed some rather stiff looking leather winter boots or some cushions, neither of which was on our shopping list, I noticed some people through an archway at a cafe so we decided to walk round and find the little courtyard. In our usual way, we took the wrong road and I couldn’t believe what was in front of us, row after row of closed (in fact never opened shops) all covered in graffiti, and on the other side of the road row after row of what appeared to be a shopping centre that hadn’t even been completed, it was an eerie and very sad sight. I thought of all the dreams that had been shattered, I can just imagine how excited new shop owners would’ve been, having a new premises built only for the dream to crumble, literally.  Cabo de Palos is such a lovely little town just at the beginning of the La Manga strip and I’m sure at one time this was a booming and busy place and then Spain like many countries hit a financial crisis and this is the result. Such an eyesore and such a terrible reminder, maybe it would’ve been better to pull all the buildings down and cover it all with gravel!


Spanish Artwork


Such a sad sight


Shattered dreams


Death alley


Yet more graffiti

However, I have to think, how on earth would we be able to appreciate the beauty around us if we didn’t have such stark contrasts to compare it with.

We found the little square with coffee shops but we decided to carry on as we’d both spied a ‘Burger King’ on our way into the town. Now this is one of our weaknesses (actually, one of many) It was a good call, the place was totally empty and our meals were cooked to order, beautifully fresh, piping hot and totally delicious. Ooh we did enjoy the chips, as we haven’t been able to cook any in the van.


Cool and just what we needed


Traditional Sunday Lunch for us!!

We cycled hard and fast on the way back, in the vain hope that we could ride off some of our Whoppers!!


The way home

We arrived back at Harry with trembling legs and feeling totally shattered, so it was time to lie on our sun chairs and we both promptly fell asleep until the sun disappeared behind a tree.

It’s been a good day, when the Hubster asked about today’s post, I said I was calling it the Beauty and The Beast to which he said, “Ah so you’re writing about me and Charlie then!” I didn’t like to ask which he thought he was!!!!

4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … Beauty and the Beast

  1. Poor Charlie. Hope he’s feeling better. Yes, contrast has a purpose. I appreciate you sharing both sides. We have a Burger King right around the corner. 🙂 You’re lunch looks yummy. A nap sounds lovely. 😀

  2. that was really odd why the shops were not completed, how strange. i am writing this backwards so to speak, have just replied to todays Moondays now this is yesterdays i think. You must be having some warmth sitting in your deck chairs, lucky you . Sunday we all went to silvermere as jean from foods left and dennis back stage . not sure if you remember them . it was lovely. Dennis going to spalding and Jean northern Ireland. Not my left at M and S . XX

    • I think the shops hadn’t been finished because there is a financial crisis over here, and there’s still evidence of it, the prices in the shops are very low, for example a litre of wine is cheaper than a litre of water, I kid you not and the wine is really good too!! I saw your photo, well I for one think you look lovely xxx I remember Dennis, a lovely chap, can’t remember Jean though!

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