Motorhoming in Spain … just photos!

Well after our marathon of a cycle ride yesterday – we decided we would take it very, very easy today! We’re not going exploring, we’re not going to play boules, we just going to chill!

Last night just as the sun was about to set I went off with my bag full of goodies to take some photos. It gets really chilly in the evening and so I was kitted out with hat, gloves and big fleece! As one of our friends said, I looked like I was off to the ski resort.

I really enjoyed my time down on the beach and I’m pleased with the results. It all started with this one of what I like to call the kissing palm trees and then i just got carried away so here you go a slideshow of lovely sunset photos.


The photo that started it all!

View albumView albumView albumView albumView albumView album

We slept like babies, I think I had nearly 10 hours of sleep and boy did I need it!

I ambled down to the beach with Charlie and I just sat watching the sea and the stunning view. I took 7 photos and have stitched them together using Photoshop, I’m really pleased with the result, I think it gives you an idea of what La Manga strip looks like from here.


We’re not too far from San Xavier Airport here and I believe it is used by the military because every now and then we are treated to planes zooming overhead, I’m not the quickest with the camera settings but was pleased to catch these. It’s a shame, had i waited a minute longer one of the planes did a loop de loop!


Two jets overhead



And here’s just a couple more that I enjoyed taking today.


Some of the pretty shells on the beach.


The Shallows

I think Charlie is feeling better, I was lying in the sun thinking he was by my side when I realised he had nipped through the hedge to visit our French neighbours who were feeding him little bits of French Bread with butter … he’s a little monkey!

Does he look guilty????

Does he look guilty????

4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … just photos!

  1. kissing palm trees describes that just right, didnt charlie look funny looking at you, yep looked guilty. its freezing here, and snow forcast for the end of the week. wasnt that a terrible picture of me at silveremere, they say the camera doesent lie… i think it does. i havent been on here as been out and working xxxx

    • Oh you poor things, I’m keeping an eye on the weather over there and am so grateful we have some sunshine, although it can be really really chilly especially at night, in fact today we both have a really nasty headcold and we’re feeling a little bit rough! An early night for us today. Take care and keep warm xxxx

    • Yes Charlie has worked out at what time the neighbours have their lunch and promptly leaves home!!! I’ve never seen him do anything like this before, the neighbours don’t mind as he’s so well behaved so it’s not a problem, for the moment anyway!

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