Motorhoming in Spain … Trip to Cartagena

We have hired a car and as a result we spent the day on the site yesterday waiting to take delivery, we are now the proud new keepers of a little Opel Corsa (Vauxhall) in the UK!  It’s a super little car so took it for a quick tootle yesterday evening.

We drove over to the lighthouse at Cabo de Palos, it’s an impressive construction and the views were wonderful even though it was quite chilly and we didn’t fancy the climb up all the steps, maybe another day. By the time we drove back we were treated to a lovely sunset.


Cabo de Palos Lighthouse


View out over the Mar Menor


Yesterday’s sunset

The Hubster started going downhill yesterday, he’s sneezing, coughing and his legs are aching, he’s coming down with something. This morning I see that he has kindly shared with me and now I’m feeling just one degree below, my eyes are aching, my bones are tired, I’m sure it’s nothing more than a cold but we are feeling very weary. I am also suffering from IMS, which is Irritable Moment Syndrome!!! Doesn’t help really. Despite this we decided to take the car into Cartagena today.


The Arsenal at Cartagena


I wasn’t sure what to expect and I don’t think it’s because we were feeling a little miserable that we didn’t seem to find it that inspiring. We did stop for breakfast and boy that should really have set us up for the day, cups of melted chocolate with freshly made, hot churras! Totally delicious.


Setting us up for the day!

We set off for the Roman ruins, and the steps were just too much for both the Hubster and the dog, so I wandered up flight after flight and got to the top, the views were wonderful but I’m afraid my heart wasn’t in it.


Roman Ruins at Cartagena


Now this is a different class of grafitti



We took a stroll down to the port which was also very pleasant but nothing out of the ordinary.



We wandered through the town and I must say that if you ever visit Cartagena, you must look skywards, there are some beautiful buildings but again we were tired and under the weather, we made our way back to the camp via the pharmacy (cold/flu remedies) and the supermarket.





We’ve had something warm to eat, the heating is on and we’re most definitely going to have an early night. I apologise for a short blog and also less than inspiring photos. Hopefully tomorrow I will be back on form and will have something more interesting to show you.

4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … Trip to Cartagena

    • Thank you so much Judy. I’m feeling much better after a very long nap this afternoon but my poor husband has taken the brunt of it and has the most horrid head cold, I’m sure it’ll all be over in a couple of days, he has cold/flu remedies and they normally do the trick.

    • Ah hello there! I’m feeling a lot better but B is suffering in comparison, it won’t last too long, the meds help! Thinking of shooting up to Murcia on Saturday if he feels up to it. If not it’ll be a trip to Lidl! Ha ha:) we send you are love and hope all is well. We miss seeing you xx

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