Motorhoming in Spain … Gone for a Tootle

It’s been very odd, now that we have TV and a really good, internet connection, we find we can catch up with the world news and news back in the UK. It’s strange to wake up and see Bill Turnbull and his sidekick on the BBC sofa while we drink our coffee. To be honest I’m not sure whether it’s a good thing, it’s “so” what we used to do at home and I want to get out of those daily habits here. Anyway to see the snow falling back in England and the mayhem it’s caused on the roads has made the penny drop, I’m quite a long way away aren’t I?

It is currently 5pm and we have lovely sunshine and it’s 23 degrees, it is very,very windy but the wind is warm making it somewhat clammy. This added to the fact that we are still just one degree below with colds makes for one very sweaty gypsy!!  Actually, I’m perfectly well, just a couple of aches, but no more than I had after a cycle ride. The Hubster on the other hand has been wiped out, he has the most horrid head cold, he’s sneezing, coughing and spluttering! Poor thing, neither of us can remember the last time he was ill, so this has really hit him  but he’s taking some remedies and assures me he’s feeling much better.

As we’d hired the car, we thought it would be a shame not to use it, so yesterday we went for a tootle, we had absolutely no intention of looking for churches, museums or anything even slightly cultural, we just wanted to see the coast line and get some sea air into our lungs, plus of course Charlie loves going out in cars, so he thought it was his birthday. In fact he now lies in the boot of the car when it’s parked up next to Harry and he’s in his element, he would lie in there all day long!


I don’t care where we are, I’m not getting out!!


Fishing boat on Mar Menor


One of the many little ports/marinas along the coast

We drove along the coast of Mar Menor which stretches from Cabo de Palos to Lo Pagan, on the mainland side of the lagoon. It’s approximately 30 odd kilometres and the lagoon really does have a calming effect, there are no waves (sometimes little white horses when the wind catches it) but it is the bluest of blues and the water just laps gently onto the beach. It’s really lovely.


No waves here




The towns that give onto the Lagoon are very much of a muchness, firstly at this time of year there is absolutely nobody here. We passed village after village full of holiday apartments and villas, hotels, bars and restaurants, all boarded up. On the beautiful beaches there isn’t a soul except perhaps for a fellow dog walker, jogger or other visitor taking photos. It is also quite evident that all this building has been done recently, some building work not only still in progress but stopped where they were and left abandoned. It’s actually very sad to see. As for culture, I’m afraid I didn’t see anything even remotely old, maybe the oldest building was built in the 1970’s. I did spot a lovely complex of buildings which looked really interesting but there were signs all over the place “Military Property – No Entry.”


There’s no one home!

The other thing I found really interesting was the development of the beaches, piles of sand being delivered and spread out on the beaches, obviously a winter job in readiness for the hoards of sun worshippers in the summer months.


The only waves are made of sand!


Pile it on!


And smooth it out … all ready for summer!

Today, we drove over to Cartagena to a garage that may be able to fix our LPG problem, I won’t go into details as it’s a little technical, but I’ll explain all when we eventually get it repaired, (I have a feeling this will be in France), as the chap this morning couldn’t help!

This afternoon, we offered to take our French neighbour down to the local supermarket so she could stock up with the ‘heavy’ items, it’s so much easier with a car than having to pack all away and go with the motorhome. I think she appreciated the offer and managed to do a big weekly shop.

We’re hoping that, tomorrow, the Hubster will be feeling even better than today and will be up to a day trip, no pressure eh? I really fancy a trip to Murcia City but we shall see. It all depends on his health, the weather and how we feel, that’s the joy of this life we do what we want – when we want! It may not make for the most interesting of blogs, so if I have nothing of great interest to tell you, you can be sure that we are just chillin’

2 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … Gone for a Tootle

    • No I didn’t realise they built beaches either – it was quite a surprise. As for Charlie, he’s happy, we have a car! Ive just realised there is no photo of him today….sorry!!! Tomorrow for sure xx

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