Motorhoming in Spain … A day full of little surprises!

Surprise No 1 – A good night’s sleep

Yesterday evening our French neighbours invited us to their rather luxurious van, for a quick aperitif, which ended up lasting more than a couple of hours. Anita and Joel make their own rillettes and the most scrumptious fish pate, nibbles to die for and conversation to whet the appetite and occupy the grey cells,  all this washed down with the most delicious Port ensured that I slept like a baby. It’s the first night’s sleep that I’ve had whereby I didn’t wake up once!! Which, in itself is quite amazing but last night the winds built up so much I was sure that Harry would at some point tip over. It has been violent, I expected to wake up and find the camp site in complete devastation and destruction but on the contrary, these motorhoming folk know how to batten down the hatches!

Surprise No 2 – Don’t trust the weather on first view

This morning the wind was wicked, I looked up and saw the blackest of clouds coming in, we closed everything up and prepared for a day in the van, everyone else around seemed to be doing the same. A couple of hours later the sun came out and the sky was a really, beautiful turquoise, there was still a crazy wind, but we decided to go out in the car.

Surprise No 3 – Never trust online reviews

I’d seen on the internet that there was a little town on the far coast called Portman, it didn’t look overly exciting, it’s an old mining town. I hadn’t, for a moment,  envisaged going there. But I thought it would give us a destination to head for today. We passed La Manga golf resort which looks really plush and expensive! Portman was the biggest surprise of this trip to the Mar Menor, as soon as we crossed the motorway, the countryside changed beyond all recognition, hills, pine forests and a coastline which knocked the breath out of me. We made our way to little port and I think the fact that the boats were banging into each other should have given us a little clue as to the state of the sea!!


Derelict mine at Portman


Waves crashing against the rocks.


Surprise No 4 – I never thought I would like a rough sea!

The sea was bubbling like a massive cauldron, the waves were crashing onto the black sand, and exploding against the rocks. It was magnificent. It was so windy we could hardly hear ourselves talk, but what a fantastic time we had. I hadn’t realised how difficult it is to take photos of waves, I think the best ones here were taken by the Hubster!




We climbed up to the lighthouse, which was no mean feat, it was only when we got to the top that we found there was actually a ‘proper’ pathway up and we’d taken the goat route! Again the views over the med were superb.


The little black beach at Portman


View over Portman Bay



Note to self, don’t take the elastic band out of your hair when windy!!!

Surprise No 5 – A good view improves the taste buds!

On our way back we decided to pop into Cabo de Palos, the local little port, we’d visited recently on a calm and sunny day. As it happens the restaurants overlooking the port were open and we chose one and sat and had the ‘Menu of the Day’. Fab salad with tuna, asparagus, tomatoes and lettuce to start, followed by a plate full of fried fish and finished off with a Crème Caramel including wine and a beer, a huge basket of bread for 16 Euros. It was delicious but it was made all the better for the view of the waves crashing over the sea wall and the surfers and body boarders throwing themselves into the violent swell of the sea. It was just amazing.


No! I don’t eat the eyes!!


One way of getting into the surf!


Smart Alec


Oh the justice!!


Seawall at Cabo de Palos


We’re now back in the van, out of the wind which is building again, I can’t believe I sent an email to a friend this morning saying it was so grotty and miserable over here today that I didn’t think I would be taking any photos and I probably wouldn’t blog today. What’s amazing is today is the day that we’ve probably taken the most photos since our trip began and choosing photos for today’s post has been really difficult!!

4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … A day full of little surprises!

    • Thank you. Boy it was so wild out there today, I don’t think it comes across that well in the photos, except perhaps for the one with the wild hair!!! The noise of the waves was amazing, we had such a good day today and yet it started pretty miserably!!! That’s the joy of motorhoming! We’ve just been sat discussing when to make our way north again … our time on the road is coming to an end 😦

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