Motorhoming in Spain … it’s a dog’s life!

Well, I’m full of a cold, my nose is running, I have a scratchy throat, a headache, watery eyes and pains shooting up and down my limbs but hey such is life. I really can’t complain. I must say before leaving the UK the one thing that I did wonder was how I would feel about living in a van should I be ill, after all, most of us want to be wrapped up in our own beds with everything familiar and comforting. Well I know, I’m hardly ‘that’ ill, but I’m quite surprised that I feel very, very, comfortable here in Harry. The drop down bed has now become the “Contamination Area” and if either of us is feeling particularly weary- we pull down the bed and have a kip. It’s a perfect arrangement.

It’s not because we have the sniffles that we are allowed to take a day off and leave Charlie without his walk on the beach. Plus, I was very aware there were no photos of him yesterday and I think he knew that too because today, he was showing off!!

He started with a quick jog and a bit of a sprint,


then a bit of digging,


Picking up and chewing things brought in by the tide, ie: a Tommy Hilfiger Flip Flop, nothing but the best for my dog!!


A little bit of dog equivalent to finger painting!


Finished off with a little Palm tree chewing!


Totally exhausting this beach walking you know!


After this little stint, Charlie happily lay in the back of the car while we went off for a drive. We went back to the Manga strip.

It’s strange that when it’s windy, the lagoon takes on a totally different appearance, the silty sand gets stirred up to the surface giving it a pinky/brown hue. The med on the other hand kept it’s incredible turquoise blue tone.



At the end of La Manga is a very strange little bridge, it looks innocuous enough, but when we approached in Harry the other day, we knew there was no way we’d get over it. It is incredibly steep and when you get to the top you can see absolutely nothing in front of you, so you are, for all intents and purposes, driving blind. Today, as we were in the hire car, we thought we’d give it a bash! It is the oddest feeling when you get to the top of it, your bonnet is pointing skywards and you can’t see the road in ahead of you!





As we drove back we enjoyed seeing the huge, EMPTY, hotels, the massive, EMPTY, villas, and some of the odd architecture and tried to imagine what it must be like in the summer months. I mean this place is totally deserted, apart from people like us, no one seems to live here and apart from the odd cafe or corner shop, every thing is boarded up! We did get a super glimpse of a flock of cormorants however, of course, as soon as they heard the click of the camera, they took off!!



I’ll just add a couple more photos of birds, they seem to love the wind especially the seagulls, I swear they had smiles on their faces as they hovered on the wind!


Right, I’m off now as it’s my turn to have a lie down on the big bed!! I think a couple of paracetamols and a warm lemon drink and a little afternoon nap will do me the world of good.

2 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … it’s a dog’s life!

    • Hi Judy, Yes Charlie is looking dandy, loving his morning walks on the beach. We took a road yesterday which was even more frightening than a roller coaster! Why was I so surprised that we were the only people on it. I was so nervous I only managed two photos, the rest of the time I was hanging on for grim life!!! Ha ha, Honestly I’m such a woose!!

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