Motorhoming in Spain … an insight into the site!

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I’ve been itching to write a post about the campsite we’re on at the moment but first I must tell you that we are suffering from wind! And no – it’s not because of my cooking!!! It’s wind of the meteorological kind ha ha. Honestly, it’s blowing a gale and has been for the last couple of days. Harry is holding up beautifully because we have hedges on three sides although as I sit here typing, Harry’s doing a bit of rocking and rolling. It’s something akin to sitting in a stationary car on the hard shoulder of the motorway and a convoy of trucks zooming past at high speed!! At one stage during the night, I actually felt a little sea sick, if that’s at all possible!

I’m not sure if the wind has anything to do with sunsets but we’ve had some beauties over the last week, so maybe there is a connection.


Harry basking in the sunset


The sunsets here come in all colours!

Right back to the site. My apologies if I repeat myself with regards a couple of details and I think I’ve mentioned before that this site is massive, it’s about one kilometre from the entrance gate down to the beach and we’re about half way down. It has been set out in a grid formation. The plots are about 80 – 100 square metres. Within the grid formation are sections and we’re in section L, each section has it’s own, facilities, i.e.: loos, showers, washing up sinks, washing sinks, machine and tumble dryer. Down the centre of the whole plot are squash courts, tennis courts, petanque courts, a covered, outdoor swimming pool, a supermarket, crazy golf layout, and believe it or not a church! Yes this is in fact a small town!


Shanty town or Holiday village?

The plots are rented out, to people who want to stay for one night, a couple of nights, months at a time or even longer. Some of the plots in particular have been rented out and these are obviously belong to people who visit here on a regular basis, in fact I think it would be fair to say that some people live here full time.


Tiled roof and brick walls


This one is really pretty with it’s archway and flowers

I haven’t even walked all the way around the site but here are some photos of what people do with their plots. I think in general, they are given or select a plot and in the first instance they park either their motorhome, caravan, static or wooden shed. They then by the looks of it, install 4 very large posts in each corner of the plot and cover this with some form of roofing, now then some of them go for the whole pitched and tiled look, others just go for corrugated iron!


Corrugated Iron roof and sheeting to create privacy, not quite so attractive


Ermmmm ?????

Safe from the elements, it looks as though they then go to town with the improvements. I’ve seen everything, some with collections of rubber dinosaurs, some with fences and gates, some with UPVC windows and doors, some have even built decking and sunbathing areas on their roofs, I noticed one the other day and it actually had a wooden shed on it’s roof!


You can’t tell me this isn’t permanent – there’s even bars at the windows.


wooden lodge

The little yards/gardens they create are quite amazing, some are pretty utilitarian with boats, surfboards and general beachside and holiday clutter, others have stone BBQs, mature trees, bird tables, plants a go go! The original living accommodation is disguised with bricks and mortar, or tiling, or false grass, it’s really incredible the individuality and creativity that people have.


Complete with roof terrace


Privacy at all costs!


It’s been said on the web (reviews) that this site resembles a shanty town, and I must agree that when there are a collection of unloved plots together they can look a little ramshackle to say the least. However, we don’t overlook them from our camping plots.


Another one that looks permanent


I do wonder, however, if there are any building regulations at all, and if there were a fire to break out, there would no doubt be many devastated ‘home’ owners.


Tile Detail


Well, I say live and let live, it has certainly created an incredible pot pourri of holiday homes that are colourful and interesting to say the least.

I’ve included a selection of just a few of the approximate 500 that are here in La Manga!

4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … an insight into the site!

  1. What a remarkable collection. I have a habit of walking through neighborhoods and picking what I’d like in my dream home. I love the flower bedecked arched trellis, the “log” house, the roof terrace, and the gate in the hedge. 🙂

    As to those sunsets, the lovely color is created by the dust being stirred up by the wind. We have them here in the desert, more so on breezy days than still days.

    • there are absolutely 100s of ‘homes’ here and each one is different, personally I like the fact that it is so eclectic and there is real diversity! However I can understand that some people call it a Shanty Town! Thanks for the info on the dust and the sunsets, you’re right it’s on windy days that the sunsets are the most stunning.

  2. oh lovely pictures of the sun sets , and the homes are lovely , like the bars on the windows. now to catch up on your others, been to work this week so late getting home xxxx

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