Motorhoming in Spain … The Maladies of Motorhomers!

I haven’t blogged for a couple of days,  we haven’t been 100% and so haven’t been anywhere of great interest, although when we go out, even to walk the dog, I always take the camera (just in case!)

Today’s photos are a selection I’ve taken over the last couple of days. No great views, no history or culture. Maybe it’s the chilling that’s doing this to me. Life is just dandy and relaxed. I hope the photos express this and make you feel a little chilled too.

A place on the beach, you couldn't get much closer than this.

A place on the beach, you couldn’t get much closer than this.

Being van-bound has, inevitably, led me to do too much thinking, and that isn’t always a good thing for me, I end up with far too many thoughts whizzing around in my head that I can’t cope and so I have to write things down. I think you can comfortably compare my brain to an external hard drive in that I have to free up a little space!

Another Des Res on the beach.

Another Des Res on the beach.

Recently I have been reflecting on the fact that motor-homers have afflictions that appear only when they are travelling, I put it all down to the fact that we are living in such small spaces that certain things appear magnified!

Ooh la la, Aperatifs with zee French!

Ooh la la, aperitifs with zee French!

No 1 – Laziness!

I’ve always been a bit of a hyper kind of person, I’m the one that people used to say, “Woah, calm down, what’s your hurry?” However since being on the road, I’m at severe risk of becoming a sloth!

I’ve never been one to rise early so the fact that I’m getting up most days at 8 ish is actually quite a novelty for me. I’m talking about getting up and doing things. There is NO pressure, there are NO deadlines, there is NO need to get up, rush about, hurry. Everything I do, takes about twice as long as it used to. Washing up is now a leisurely affair, in fact I tend to let it build up so I really have a bucket load to get my teeth into. Whereas cleaning the van, used to take all of 20 minutes, I can now drag this out to more or less 45 minutes and still manage to say “Oh I’ll leave that and do it tomorrow!” Getting dressed and ready in the morning is a classic example, I have found that getting myself together in the morning is taking longer and longer! This morning is a case in point, we woke this morning at 8 ish and we sat talking, deciding and then not deciding,  poring over maps, googling, drinking coffee and smoking ciggies. I eventually went outside at 11:30! and I was still in my PJs!! Well, I didn’t have a reason to get dressed and wandering around a camp-site in your jogging bottoms, a scruffy sweatshirt and hair unbrushed, with no make-up doesn’t bother me in the least! And trust me, I’m not the only one in this state! It’s quite a common sight to see ladies in some unkempt state having a morning chat with mug of coffee in hand!

I saved this little chap, Charlie was set to eat it! Yuk!

I saved this little chap, Charlie was set to eat it! Yuk!

Charlie keeps finding odd flip flops. Maybe there are a lot of one legged Spaniards!

Charlie keeps finding odd flip flops. Maybe there are a lot of one legged Spaniards!


No 2 – Indecision.

The other thing we’ve both noticed is that we have become experts at indecision! Where next? When? Why? Shall we? Shan’t we?  etc.. We just don’t seem to be able to come to a firm decision about anything, is it because we have so much choice? Personally, I think that is the reason, surely if you have less choices it’s much easier to make some kind of commitment. It’s so difficult when there are so many variables. I would like to add that this doesn’t seem to be an affliction that has affected only us, when we talk to other motor-homers, they are exactly the same, “Oh we were going to stay 2 days, but we ended up staying for 6 weeks!”, “We were going to go to Andalusia but finally we couldn’t decide where and ended up in Italy!”

Don't breath in!

Don’t breath in!

No 3 – Tolerance

Another quality I’ve noticed is patience are on the up, I don’t think I’ve heard one motor-homer toot their horn, there is no tutting, huffing or chomping at the bit when you’re at the wheel of a motor-home. Seriously, when was the last time you were ‘cut up’ by a motor-home? You have no choice, and so you just go with the flow. Also living in such a small area, you just have to find a way of getting on with things. I can say with hand on heart, we haven’t had one argument, I can count on one hand the number of heated discussions we’ve had. There is no room for sulking or bearing a grudge. Things have to be sorted. I did hear the unfortunate story of a couple who sold everything and bought a motor-home, they set off and two months later they were back and sold it – the reason? To save their marriage, they just couldn’t cope in such a confined area:) At least they had the sense to get out quick. I haven’t heard one argument through the thin walls of fellow campers homes. Everyone is chilled and happy, most people walk around with smiles on their faces. Couples in their 70’s are ambling along hand in hand!

Heavy with dates

Heavy with dates

Dates the favorite food of paraqueets.

Dates the favourite food of parakeets.

Well I can’t help but think, it has to be good for you, I’d be interested to know what the average blood pressure reading is of motor-homers! They seem a pretty chilled out lot to me. I’m feeling incredibly chilled out too and that’s got to be a good thing.


10 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … The Maladies of Motorhomers!

  1. lovely photos, being chilled out is suiting you! We feel the same, the lifestyle is amazingly good for the blood pressure

  2. Hi, Enjoying your posts. We’ve been fulltiming in Henrietta (Hettie) the Hymer since 1 September 2014 when we sold our house. Now in France house hunting. We are loving it despite the challenges like refilling our lpg bottles with ‘gpl’ at the local HyperU with a French dish adapter. It’s been -5C here so we soon emptied our first bottle. Don’t know how we’ll adapt from 6.7M to a whole house again-we’ll probably get lost!

    • Oh my goodness how exciting!where in france are you looking? We love France and I can’t wait to get back there, in fact we’re discussing returning soon despite the weather! We too have refill lpg, scary task! We have developed a leak, how scary is that? Solution? Leave the adaptor screwed in! As for getting a real house, you’ll have to draw a map and get a couple of warlike talkies!

  3. and deep breath and let it go, ha ha thats how i felt all relaxed after reading this last one. I have never seen dates growing at all, never gave it a thought as to how they grow. Are they too far up for you to pick? I also know that feeling you are having , int it nice although i do have to go to work bur the days leading up are lazing about getting ideas for when i do leap into action. Enjoy xxxx

    • So lovely to hear from you. I do think of you getting ready for work, gosh I used to be so relieved when I saw you arriving! Yes, aren’t the dates fab, they’re quite high up and I’m not sure whether they can be eaten straight off the tree or not but the birds love them!

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