Motorhoming in Spain ,,, A little bit of ‘me’ time!

OK so you’ve read the title of this post, A little bit of ‘me time’, I wonder what springs to mind.

A massage?

A bath?

A manicure?

Well no! I’m not exactly a girlie girl. I’m more of a tomboy who has days pretending to be a lady!

All is Calm

All is Calm

I would love to be one of those women I see who look so effortlessly poised, elegant and just generally well put together. I’m afraid, even on the few occasions where I make the effort to look well-groomed, within hours the make up has either been miraculously, absorbed by my face or it has slid off, due to a hot flush and landed on my chest. Manicuring my nails is a pointless exercise, again within an hour the ends are chipped or one is broken, and I don’t know what strange substances I secrete but I am totally incapable of keeping clean nails, my hands always look like I’ve been either working in a garden or mucking out some stables.

Fashion isn’t really my thing, I’ve no idea what colour is ‘in’. I wear what is comfortable which normally boils down to a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and a fleece on top if the weather demands an extra layer. I can wear the same clothing for ages without really getting bored, as I’ve found on this trip, I have two pairs of jeans, one blue and one black, once again it helps, the less choice I have, the easier the decision-making process!

Briare Canal Bridge

Briare Canal Bridge

I’m so fortunate that the Hubster is oblivious to the fact that he is married to a complete and utter scruff bag, I like to think that maybe he has x-ray vision and can see through the total disaster on the outside and see the good that is within the packaging!

Yesterday and in fact at the moment, the Hubster has gone for a game of boules with ze French and ze Germans along with a couple of Dutch and Brits, it’s been discovered that he has a knack for boules, who’d of thought it? When they pick teams, they all want the Hubster on their team, yes he’s ‘that’ good!!

I’m sat here in Harry, it’s warm and cosy and quiet, I can hear Charlie’s heavy breathing as he sleeps at my feet. I’ve turned off the music and the TV is off. I have edited some photos (dotted through this post)  that I have uploaded on to my on-line store

(  and I now have my, thinking and writing time. It’s heaven! This is my kind of ‘me time’.

Chocolate and Churros

Chocolate and Churros

Editing photos is a time of sheer bliss, I play around with the photos I’ve taken. Some photos I take in the knowledge of how I will want to edit them, ie: convert them to black and white, add a textured layer or cut out, crop and frame etc. Others, I open and spend time just absorbing the image before I start to edit them. I don’t always keep my efforts but it is the most delicious way to spend a couple of hours.

Writing for me is a time when I can get all those niggling thoughts out of my head and down on paper (by that I mean the Laptop screen) Sometimes it will be poetry, sometimes just a list but more recently a blog post. I love it when I can take the time to find the words I need to express myself, rather than just throwing it out like a jotting in a diary. I know I can’t always find the time to savour this pastime, it’s something I’m going to work on in the future.

The Sea Wall

The Sea Wall

After I’ve pressed the publish button on my post, to make it go live on my blog, I feel a huge sense of relaxation takes over. I feel light and happy. I feel satisfied and even if a post isn’t read by anyone else but me, I feel as though I’ve created something. Something of my own, my words, my views and my images. It’s hardly art, it’s no painting, it’s not even particularly well written,  there are very few words of wisdom, but it’s the way I talk, the way I think and it’s mine.

Briare Canal Bridge 2

Briare Canal Bridge 2

So as they say each to their own, whether it’s a beauty treatment, a good read or snuggling down to watch a film, we all have our own type of me time, but the result should always be the same, a time of relaxation doing what brings us a little bit of pleasure. I wonder what your ‘me time’ is? Feel free to share!


10 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain ,,, A little bit of ‘me’ time!

  1. I really enjoyed this post. I also use my Blog as ‘me time’. It’s my time to reflect on the day, look for the good and bad points, share information I think other travellers might find of interest and select the photos I want to add, although in my case the photos are secondary (and iphoto or picassa editing is my limit!). I tend to write posts mostly when we’re away on a trip and generally work on my blog either after the evening meal or once Cathy’s headed off to bed with a good book; that’s ‘my time’ to sit and catalogue the day’s events, perhaps adding the odd extra snippet or two (for example the etiquette of waving to others as they pass in their motorhomes or campervans!).

    I don’t have huge numbers of followers, but I don’t mind as my Blog is mainly for our friends and family to see what mad things we’re up to (and they really do think our plan to give up full-time jobs well before ‘normal’ retirement age and just travel is mad!), but also a way to revisit our holidays and trips; mainly to remember what we had to eat and drink!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and travels and I look forward to reading more as we prepare for our own campervan to emerge from a long refit and we can get on the road once again.


    • Hi thanks so much for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it. Like you, my blog started off in essence as a way for family and friends to follow our trip and as you say to have something to look back on. I’ve been looking into a way of printing it up as a book later but at a pretty price I can tell you. I honestly thought I would have more time on my hands when motorhoming than being at ‘home’ but that just isn’t the case, I can’t believe how quickly the days go by and I rarely find myself with enough time to savour my writing, tonight a case in point. I’m really tired and all I want to do is go to bed but I know if I don’t write up now, I’ll forget all the details!!! Good luck with your van, when are you planning on leaving and where are you thinking of going???? I’d love to know. Take care and happy planning!

      • At the moment we need to remain wage slaves for another 3 or 4 years to get to the point when we can stop full-time work and live the dream! After that we just plan to travel where we fancy, certainly avoiding the British winter. We’re also planning to do some house-sitting in Europe for owners who want their homes, pets and gardens looked after. Apart from that, we’ll live simply within our means and maybe take some part-time work (we like the idea of working for Happy Camps or something similar) to fund our travels. In the meantime it’ll be short trips during holidays – this July we’re off to the Mosel valley for a fortnight. Good luck with printing the book – we’ll look forward to reading it!

      • Oh it sounds like you have a plan! And a very good one at that! I wish you well and that it materialises ASAP! We on the other hand have had to come up to Paris to sort out some paperwork, it’s absolutely freezing, we’re at my sisters and slept in a real bed last night, it’s all very strange. I keep telling myself this isn’t the end, I’m missing the van enormously and it’s only been one day!

  2. I think you are brilliant, who cares you dont paint your nails and so on, you are what you are and we all love you for it and I think you are glam. My doodling time is gardening, cinema, dining out with friends,decorating the house as you have seen my conversion of my ceiling lights,got the fixtures just need updating with paint and crystals. ha ha. when I move people will say what a bodger. I love just chilling by my pond also when the weather is right and helping others out, so I am always busy. xxxx

    • Your selection of me time, doesn’t surprise me, you’re such a busy bee. Good for you if climbing a ladder and changing light fittings is your thing fantastic, I do love the idea of lounging by a pond, it sounds fabulous xx

  3. Sometimes, it feels like all my time is me time. I write and read and spend time with friends. Perhaps I need to make a more concerted effort to designate my me time so I recognize it when it happens. 😀

    • Oh lucky you, I’m sure you appreciate your own ‘me time’ I think it’s a really important part of getting older and I’m loving it just wish I could get a little bit more! This motorhoming takes up far too much time ha ha!!

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