Motorhoming in Spain … Heading North :(

Well, as it happens we need to get our backsides up to Paris! We have some paperwork that needs sorting out and signing. It’s a real bummer. I should warn you that this may not be the happiest post I’ve ever written!


Charlie’s last beach walk

We took Charlie for his last walk on the beach at La Manga yesterday, the sun was shining and all was well with the world, even the local guys working in the fields were in a good mood and wanted me to take photos of them. What a difference the sunshine can make!


Laying hosepipes, miles of them, not something we see in the UK!


Happy in his job?

We packed most of the stuff up last night and got Harry ready for his trip, everything was folded up, wedged in and packed away, we were rattle-proof!

This morning we woke to grey skies but the forecast for La Manga is looking fantastic for next week, however where we are heading, heavy rain and possible snow!  After saying some farewells to our lovely neighbours with promises to get in touch and go and visit them in Brittany we left with heavy hearts. With Harry’s waste tank empty, clean water tank full, toilet cassette empty it was time to feed him so first stop, LPG and Diesel, we filled him to the brim. If there was cold weather ahead we wanted to be sure that we had plenty of gas for the heating and of course the cooking.


Overtaken by Harry’s sister!


The mountains we’ll have to cross tomorrow


Now that’s what I call an approach, it’s a monastery

The journey was grey and uneventful, it was about 400 kilometres of asphalt crunching, the sky was the same colour as the road and the same colour as my mood. The heaven’s opened and gave Harry a damn good wash, rinsing off all evidence that we had been at the seaside, we were well and truly inland now. The scenery did change and became greener and greener although it’s hard to imagine how beautiful it must be when the sun shines!


Castles popping up everywhere.


More motorway


Oooh look another castle.

We arrived at our chosen campsite and hitched up the electricity bought a Wi-Fi voucher for 3 Euros for 24 hours and set about making something to eat. Now sat here with bellies full of mushroom stroganoff, things don’t seem quite as grim, although the weather is pretty miserable. We’re trusting in Accuweather and they say it’s looking better tomorrow. We’ll take advantage and go for a walk into the village/town of Navajas, it has some cracking waterfalls apparently. I promise you nothing because if the weather is horrid again tomorrow, walking and taking photos will be the last thing on my mind!


Beautiful trees crammed with blossom.


A little bit of Spanish driving, all vying for the same lane!

Please don’t think for a moment that this is the end of our travels, we have concrete ideas about what to do and where to go after Paris, so keep reading if you want to see what we get up to. I say concrete ideas, with tongue in cheek, as I know we are totally useless at making decisions!!

6 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … Heading North :(

  1. Sad for Charlie’s last walk on the beach, knowing how much he loves those. Still some magical shots… castles simply are. None around here, you know. 🙂 Looking forward to what comes next.

    • Oh judy, what an adventure this is turning out to be! We are presently in Paris! It’s a long story but I will surely post a blog in the next couple of days as I have some lovely photos to show you from our journey north. Hope this finds you well. A bientot!

  2. So sorry you have to abandon the sunshine lifestyle and head north. We know how that feels! Remember, there is life after the Costas, you just have to adjust to it. Bien viaje. Hasta la vista. We’ll be looking out for your blog.

    • It’s damn freezing here and we slept in a real bed last night I can’t say I enjoyed it that much, I’m missing the van! But this isn’t the end so watch this space! Love to you both xxx

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