Motorhoming in Spain … A brief Hiatus


We seem to have been driving forever, well the last four days so I’m afraid the blog had to be put on the back boiler! But I’m back! Now then …. where were we? Ah yes, we’d just arrived at the campsite in Navajas in Spain, I believe left you saying if I could get to the waterfalls I would take some photos if the weather was good.



Well, the campsite itself, Camping Altamiro, was lovely, it had hard-standing which is so important when the weather isn’t good, and of course it makes it so much easier to level the van, although as we were staying just one night we didn’t bother. The bathrooms were impeccable and had the added bonus of being heated, a rare treat! There were BBQ areas and there seemed to be ever such a lot to see in the area, so I think I could happily recommend this place.The campsite was terraced on a steep hill so although tough climbing, the views were fantastic.




When we arrived it was grey and pretty miserable, but when we got up at 7 the following morning, there was a stunning blue sky and it was very, very nippy. So togged up with hats, scarves and gloves, camera, dog, tripod etc, we made our way down into the village where we found the pathway down to the river. We could hear it bubbling away in the distance and it got louder and louder as we approached.


I must admit, the thought of dragging the Hubster to see a waterfall made me giggle, when we were first married I told him stories of a place I would play with my friends in Wales, in the woods, a wonderful waterfall was our hidey hole and we would spend hours there, during the summer holidays.  Once married, I insisted that we revisit the waterfall of my youth, we walked for miles to get there and I don’t know whether there had been a drought, whether it was simply that the eyes of an 8 year old see things differently or whether it was both of the above but the gushing waterfall of my young years was a mere dribble of water coming over the top of a stone. I can’t tell you how disappointed the Hubster was, and to this day he takes all the stories I tell him with a pinch of salt and often accuses me of exaggeration!!!



We walked along the riverside, and above us large walls of rock towered, the colours were wonderful as the morning sun flooded down the valley.



Well, this waterfall in Navajas didn’t disappoint, it was 60 metres high, It was lovely, we even managed to catch a photo of it with a glimpse of a rainbow.




It was a good start to the day, we walked back up to the village through the valley.  The town of Navajas has some lovely Bourgeois villas which were beautiful, the sun was out even the local cats were taking advantage of the warmth! We could have stayed longer but we  knew we had miles and miles to drive, we were heading for a town called Villafranca very close to Pamplona and one step closer to the French border.




So with Charlie installed in the passenger seat footwell, we set off, We have shared the driving, two hours on and two hours off, it makes sense so as to not tire ourselves. Each time we swap, we take Charlie for a walk and we have either a coffee or a bite to eat. I’m feeling more and more comfortable driving Harry now and wish I’d done more earlier on. This trip we noticed a huge change in the scenery.


We started climbing, we passed the terraced, lush, green areas of agriculture. little farms dotted around here and the and evidence of people working the land.



Lovely towns popped up in the middle of this lovely landscape. If only we didn’t have a deadline, I’m sure this would’ve been a lovely little town to explore. Then we climbed some more up past hills and mountains that looked as though they were made of mud and coloured clay and up onto the vast plains of nothingness. Huge expanses of emptiness,, it was really quite breath-taking and beautiful.



The photo below was taken as we approached Zaragosa, I was driving so I shouted at the Hubster to get the camera and take the shot, I think he nailed it! What a sight of this beautiful, old, honey-coloured,  church against the starkness of the mountains behind. I say I was driving, I obviously drew the short straw and we found ourselves on the Spanish equivalent of “Spaghetti Junction”! I’m glad to say, I survived, I changed lanes, I changed motorways, without raising a toot from other road users.


I will update you on the following day of our trip north very soon.

4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … A brief Hiatus

  1. So many beautiful shots! Your waterfall’s tributary may have been diverted by a natural occurrence, like flooding that changes the course, or a dam somewhere else. Your hunt for the waterfall was worth it, and thank you for sharing your find. There’s always so much more to do than time to do it all in. 🙂

    • Oh Judy, you’re so kind but no I do honestly think that as a youngster the waterfall appeared so much bigger! I’m so glad I found a ‘real’ waterfall to share with you. It was so lovely and the icing on the cake was that we were the only ones there! We had it all to ourselves! Hope you are well x

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