Motorhoming in France … Essonne

Well, we’re not really motor-homing – as we are, as you know, living with my sister and her family for a short while. That hasn’t stopped us going out and about and having a little look around at the area (well if it ever stops raining!) We are in the Department of Essonne which is south of Paris, it is an interesting department as the north of it is urban and incorporated into the city, whereas the southern part, is really quite rural, full of beautiful, picturesque villages, there is evidence of lots of agriculture and has huge expanses of plains called Les Beauces which are criss crossed with long roads and roundabouts, all the roads look exactly the same, as do the roundabouts and if there weren’t any signposts you could get lost up there for months! This happened to us on one trip when there had been massive storms and all the signposts had been blown over! This was in the days before Sat Nav lady, (although I don’t think she would have been much help!) We were totally lost and rang our brother-in-law for help but couldn’t tell him where we were! It took us about two and a half hours to get to the house which was actually just 15 minutes away!!!

Les Beauces de l'Essonne.

Les Beauces de l’Essonne.

My sister and I, along with Charlie, of course, who adores my sister’s brilliant, little Citroen C1. He loves all cars but this one, which my sister insists is made for smaller than average people, he loves even more! Because of it’s size, he has to sit squished in-between my knees in the front foot-well – allowing a cuddle and rubs behind the ears as we travel along. My sister has lived here for so long that she drives like a Parisian! I don’t know which frightened me more, the cliff roads in Spain in Harry the Hymer or being driven around the narrow little streets of delightful little villages just missing overhanging or leaning walls by inches at break-neck speed in my sister’s car!

Best form of travel for the and cuddles!

Best form of travel for the boy…car and cuddles!

The sun was out so we went for what we affectionately call a Tootle, this entails driving around various villages, and generally being nosey! It’s a great pastime and can be done in all countries! I think most people call it being a tourist, but we go slightly further than that, in that we’ll notice people’s gardens, garden furniture and even their curtains!! (it must be the Welsh in us! ha ha)

Shutters are de riguer and they are so pretty.

Shutters are de riguer and they are so pretty.

Just some of the lovely old architecture.

Just some of the lovely old architecture.

We saw so many adorable little villages, some of which my sister had never even found the time to visit. All settlements in France have either a Hotel de Ville or a Mairie (town hall) depending on whether it is a town or a village. There is always a church or two and if there is a train station, this too will be one of the prettiest and ‘frenchest’ of buildings!

A very grand Hotel de Ville

A very grand Hotel de Ville

Blue skies, haven't seen one of these in a while!

Blue skies, haven’t seen one of these in a while!

The drive between villages, was lovely along winding country roads, with lovely old stone walls and woodland. There were many ramblers and dog walkers out it was a really enjoyable day. Here are a couple more photos from our day!

This is one sight we were very surprised to see!!!

Not at all what we were expecting to see in a typical French village

Not at all what we were expecting to see in a typical French village

As I don’t really have a lot to add I will tell you a tale about Charlie, the dog with a mind of his own! Don’t be fooled by the big brown eyes, this dog is a little devil! We did the shopping and brought all the bags into the garage, Charlie thought he would go and have a root through the bags to see if there was anything of interest … nope! Everyone was busy, unpacking and putting things away. What does Charlie do? He sits facing the wall, with his back to my sister, he was sulking!!! Until of course she finds the pack of dog biscuits, at which point he rushes over and gives her a perky smile, and doesn’t just wag his tail but whirrs it around like a helicopter! It went round so fast that it actually looks like a milky cloud!

Sulking, what no treats?

Sulking, what no treats? Could he look any sadder?

Ah biscuits! Watch that tail!!

Ah biscuits! Watch that tail!!

6 thoughts on “Motorhoming in France … Essonne

  1. Your description of Tootles reassures me of my ancestry. It really is in the blood. 🙂 I love doing that! Charlie is, of course, adorable! I’m not surprised by his sulk. What’s the point of all the food if some of it isn’t his? 😀 What lovely pictures.

    • Hey Judy, are you Welsh too? Or just like us, a little curious? Charlie is a wily one, he knows when there’s something afoot but it was his hangdog expression that nailed it! Clever boy eh? Glad you enjoy the pics, I’m just hoping I’ll get out again soon!

      • If you go back a few generations, several generations, yes. We’ve traced our family back to Herefordshire, in the mid 1800s. We don’t know how far into Wales we lived, but we know it was the eastern border before moving further into Herefordshire.

      • Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply Judy! This is very weird, I, as you know, originated in Wales and we were just over the border from Hereford!!! Gosh we may even be related 😀

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