Motorhoming in France … Feeling Nauti…cal!

I feel as though I should be wearing a navy and white striped t-shirt, yellow sou’wester jacket and a pair of Musto Sailor’s boots! Yes – we are well and truly in fishermen’s’ land. We woke early again today and after a night of rain, we were delighted to see the sky was blue once again and the sun was out.

We left the campsite and we were charged just 10 Euros a night, so that was a pleasant, unexpected surprise. (The ACSI book quoted 16 Euros a night) We haven’t really done a lot over the last two days, (laptop, maps and books) maybe we’re just settling in and getting used to being in Harry again, hardly difficult but it is still a change from being in a house with all mod cons to hand.

I so enjoy waking up in the van.  Every morning I have a little smile to myself as I glance down from my bed at the interior of Harry. Charlie is normally curled up by the door, snoring gently and there is inevitably a cup of steaming coffee waiting for me on the counter. I get down and snuggle up on the bench under my sleeping bag and drink my morning cuppa, enjoying whatever view we have acquired overnight! This morning it was a paddock belonging to a house next to the campsite and as if to really make me feel welcome, they had two stunning German Shepherd dogs, so it was great watching them frolic in the long grass as I woke slowly. I’ve noticed over the last couple of days that the birds are becoming very vocal, they are excited at the prospect of Spring, no doubt.


Is it just me or is this boat hanging in mid air?


Photographer’s paradise, showing off with his big lens!! (I’m just jealous!)

We left and set off with the sea on our right hand side, along the coast road to the small fishing village of La Cotiniere. Although many businesses are closed for the season, there are still shops and cafes open, restaurant staff busying themselves, getting ready for the lunchtime trade, workers in the port hosing down the quais. It’s really very nautical here, clapper board houses and shops, fish themed shop names, navy and white horizontal-striped t-shirts and jumpers a-go-go! (even babygrows) for sale and all things fishy for sale.


Cafe Chairs stacked up. Love the colours!


Clap Board or Clapper Board? Either way – it’s nautical blue!


Multi coloured fishing nets


Em! Think they sell fish????

It was a real pleasure walking around, watching ‘real fishermen’ working on their boats, people entering the church (which was surprisingly modern) and walking down the back streets, browsing in shop windows and finding a Boulangerie for some lovely Almond Croissants!


La Cotiniere Port


A true working port

I’m really liking the island, it’s authentic, it’s a working island, it’s not all about tourism. The houses are pretty and yet not overly picturesque, it’s good to see houses with the shutters open and people wandering around, getting on with their day. At the moment the mimosa is in flower and everywhere we go we get flashes of bright yellow, it’s soul lifting.


Fishermen’s nets have first pickings in the car park!


Mimosa cheer.

Although, a working island, it seems that they have realised they have to cater for tourists, there are so many campsites, hotels, B & B’s, and for motorhomes, which aren’t allowed in the village centres, parking is provided and there are ‘aires’ all over the island, the one we are on at the moment was a former campsite, with concrete hard standing, each pitch has electricity and there are showers, loos and washing up facilities. I think there are probably about 30 vans here at the moment and the site holds 100 so I bet it gets really full in the summer months. For 10 Euros a night, it’s every bit as good as the campsite, we are just 100 metres from the sea although we don’t have a sea view.


The Aire at Le Chateau D’Oleron


Beach view


Tide’s out

4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in France … Feeling Nauti…cal!

    • How wonderful! I’m so pleased my blogging is having a relaxing effect for you. The places we visited are certainly laid back and so picturesque we, too, are feeling very chilled. Thank you for continuing to follow us on our trip.

  1. Dear Michelle, dear Barry,
    its wonderful to read about your journey and to see the professional fotos. We have the vivid memories of our meeting in Granada, having tea together, getting great tipps for camping and the expensive parkingsite. We still owe your the half amount!
    To read your blog is like being on the road again. Fantastic! Burkhard and me we finished our journey to morokko. The border was no problem. Morokko was really worth visiting although it was rather cold sometimes.Very friendly people! We are very happy that we met you!!!
    Many greeting and a lot of sun and warmth, yours Burki and Johannes

    • Well hello, what a wonderful surprise to hear from you. We we’re talking about you just two days ago, wondering how you were and what you thought of Morroco. It was so lovely to meet you both and we have fond memories of our night in a car park in Granada! Tonight we are in another car park in La Rochelle in France (and it’s cold here too!) do keep in touch. Kind regards M & B

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