Motorhoming in France … More Beauty!

I think this will probably be the last post from the Dordogne region of France. I still have so many photos but I’m afraid I might bore the pants off you if I continue posting about the Dordogne.


A rare photo of the two of us!

It’s strange but the first time we passed through this region, it didn’t ‘grab’ me at all, and yet on returning the second time even though the weather wasn’t as good, it really stole my heart. The beauty, the scenery, the friendliness of the people, the food, ah yes the food, I mean this place has everything going for it.


T shirt – prezzy from my sister, it says ‘Over thinking’ we both agree it should say ‘Over Eating’

It’s no surprise that the British arrive here in their droves and buy up holiday homes and even retire here. I have heard that the French call it Dordogneshire, due to the number of Brits that now live here and call it home.  I must say we didn’t see (or hear) that many, yes, when in certain restaurants, there were English people at other tables but no more than in any other touristic region that we’ve visited. The house prices here, are so very interesting, for the price of a semi-detached house in Britain, you can pick up a rather lovely, secluded, detached house, on a plot of land that you could only dream of back on our island and it normally comes along with a couple of buildings that need renovating and sometimes even a swimming pool! I can’t tell you how tempted we’ve been!! There were occasions when the Hubster had to drag me away from Estate Agents windows leaving a trail of dribble on the windows where I had drooled over some beautiful properties!

IMG_1947 - Copy

Angels in the Sanctuary at Rocamadour

We revisited Rocamadour, I can’t believe how lucky I was to go twice in 8 months! This is the kind of place you visit and swear you’ll return but of course you never do! So to return again, with my family was just fabulous. It was fabulous as I expected it to be. I think I took the same photos as I did on the first visit but it didn’t seem to matter!

IMG_1946 - Copy

Ferns growing out from a tree limb

IMG_1954 - Copy

Decor Details

IMG_1955 - Copy

IMG_1962 - Copy

We climbed to the top, I believe it was 271 steps but we lost count!

We found a wonderful restaurant across the valley, with the most incredible view, the sun was out and we were able to sit outside where we were surrounded by numerous butterflies, It was difficult to concentrate on the food with the distraction of the beauty around us, although I can vouch that it was simply divine. Once again it was a set menu at some ridiculous price and each course was regional, so we’re talking salad with gizzards, (not everyone’s cup of tea) then some terrine, main course of breast of duck and followed with a plate of Rocamadour goat’s cheese and then finished off with a naughty ice cream! Holidays are made of moments like this.

IMG_1977 - Copy

Table with a view

IMG_1973 - Copy

Rocamadour in all it’s splendour

Another outing that I had wanted to do was to visit Les Jardins de Marqyessac. A wonderland, of box hedges that are trimmed and shaped (by hand!!)  by just 5 gardeners twice a year, that is a labour of love if ever I saw one!

IMG_2216 - Copy

Box Hedges, manicured and trimmed by just 5 people

IMG_2207 - Copy

IMG_2210 - Copy

The gardens are huge and lead to a beautiful woodland walk along the top of the cliffs, every now and then there are interesting water courses, pools, benches, tree houses etc, on arriving at the end, there is the most incredible view over the village of La Roque Cageac.

IMG_2170 - Copy

Woodland Walk

IMG_2177 - Copy

Beautiful, gentle pools dotted around the garden

IMG_2181 - Copy

IMG_2201 - Copy

What a view, really did take our breath away.

Charlie did incredibly well to keep up and to complete the walk, bless him, there was a moment when we thought we may have to carry him! He’s a clever little chap, I bought some mineral water from a very unusually disguised vending machine but no he found a little trough with flowing water, so much more tasty than Evian!!

IMG_2171 - Copy

Vending Machine?

IMG_2184 - Copy

Clever Boy

IMG_2237 - Copy

One of the resident Peacocks

Last night was freezing, we put the heating on full pelt and wrapped up, I even wore a woolly hat to bed! I had so many covers on the bed, they were so heavy that I found it difficult to turn over! I’m glad to say we survived the night and woke up this morning, it was -4 outside we were surrounded by white, crispy, grass and a huge amount of condensation to clear off Harry’s windows! We walked Charlie this afternoon and I took the camera with me, I was desperately trying to find signs of Spring, but at the moment, it’s bitterly cold and it’s hard to believe we are at the tail end of March!!! fortunately,  I just love being in Harry, I find it so comforting, I’m not sure why but I feel very safe in my little cocoon!

5 thoughts on “Motorhoming in France … More Beauty!

  1. So many lovely pictures! However do you choose? The ferns growing on the branches were intriguing. The stairs were tempting. Clever Charlie. Perhaps the pleasure is in having seen so much else and recognizing it truly is beautiful. 🙂 Thank you for sharing, as always, Michelle.

    • Oh Judy, I have such a tough time deciding which photos to include, I want to put the pretty ones, the more artistic one and then again I like to add some more relaxed personal ones, it’s difficult getting the mix just right. The stairs were very hard work in the olden days pilgrims would climb them on their knees! I’m glad you’re still enjoying the blog !!

  2. That was s mashing Michelle. The beautiful pictures you have supplied, I wouldnever have seen any part of the world with out them. Thank you. I am amazed about the butterflies you mentioned at minus 4 deg. I Have been so busy with one of my daughters moves I haven’t even had time to read much on the web, I wasn’t ignoring you.

    Well it’s Easter time and for the 11 th time I am yet again working at Easter , I thought get the bank hols done out of the way but NO they have moved the goal post and I am working 5 bank holidays. How ever grin and bear it yvonne. I have enjoyed your blogs thank you. lol forward to the next.

    Love yvonne

    • Oh Yvonne, I can’t believe you have to do all the bank holidays, that’s just so unfair. I’m so glad you’re finding the time to read the blog and I hope that some of the photos will transport you to somewhere calm, although not warm, it’s damn freezing and I’ve had enough of the rain. Take care Yvonne, Happy Easter xxxx

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