Motorhoming in France … Desperately Seeking Spring!

OK so what is going on with the weather? Can anyone give me an answer?


Sun fighting the black clouds

This is seriously beginning to irritate me now, we’ve had the first day of Spring, we’ve dutifully put the clocks forward and what do we get in return? Rain, rain, more rain, wind, and cold, icy blasts. I’ve just about given up hope of ever feeling the sun on my skin ever again. Night after night we are woken by the clattering of the rain on the roof, this morning we woke to bright blue skies but when I looked out of the window I was sure it was snowing, only to realise that through my groggy, early-morning eyes, it was in fact blossom that was being blown off the trees! Phew that was a huge relief!



We set off to walk Charlie along side the canal, which is next to the camp site, the other day and I gave in and took my camera with me even though it was grey and miserable, wet and muddy underfoot and to be totally honest it was the very last thing I wanted to do. I set myself a challenge of ‘capturing Sprint’ not easy given the miserable weather. I was surprised to see that if we looked very carefully there were signs that Spring is in fact on it’s way, although I did think at one stage I was going to be in desperate need of a magnifying glass, ha ha!


Forsythia, I think, at least it was sunny, yellow in colour


That’s more like it!


Well, at least the ducks were feeling frisky!


Bleak and cold walk by the canal.


Ready to burst


A couple more days and all will be green again!

We have once again hired a car so that we can nip around and see things with out having to drag Harry everywhere with us. A hire car?  more like a flying, unripe banana!!! Oh boy, what a colour!  Do people really order lime-green cars? I may knock it but it does have it’s advantages, parking in a massive car park isn’t a problem, we found it each and every time we parked it! I think the chances of it being stolen were reduced dramatically simply due to the colour of it. On the downside, I had to totally rethink my wardrobe, the bright, orange top and the bright, red coat were definitely big NO-NO’s – in fact I would have called them a definite ‘accident causer’!!!


Yay, Banana Car

Today we’ve had a bit of a tootle and ended up in Milly-la-Foret which is a delightfully, typical French market town. The market hall on the square is very impressive, it’s really quite large for a town that would’ve been quite small at the time it was built, in the middle ages. I loved the Pigeonier and the fact that this seems to have continued during the decades and here even today there are pigeons cooing and flying around the town.


Milly la Foret




Pigeons over Milly la Foret


I just loved this little fella who was calling me as I was taking photos of the pigeonier, he was so beautiful and I swear he knew I had a camera! All in all a very handsome little chap!



I aplogise for the lack of photos of Charlie, I’m afraid this weather is getting him down and I don’t think he feels much like posing for the camera. I will endeavour to catch him out soon!!! Take care all and keep warm!!

5 thoughts on “Motorhoming in France … Desperately Seeking Spring!

  1. I’ll trade you weather, straight across, no questions asked. 🙂 It was 97, that’s 36.1 celsius, yesterday. I’m not ready for summer.

    The car made me laugh out loud! Especially always being able to find it in the parking lot.

    Lovely photos. The cat is quite handsome, indeed. Hoping Charlie feels better soon.

  2. lovely photos Michelle as usual. i thiught for a min you were photographing the canal locally, its all the same isnt it. The market was nice. Thank you again for taking me around with you. its been great seeing as i have never travelled as such. I hope before the van is sold you will take me to some other places.

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