Motorhoming in France … Motorhome for Sale!

It’s a strange time.

We have to decide what we are going to do with our lives? What are we going to do in the future? The time is looming. We have to make some serious, grown-up, decisions. UK? France? (To be honest, with the weather the way it is at the moment, I could pick up sticks and scuttle back to Southern Spain!) although that isn’t an option (just yet!!!)


We know that we can’t go on indefinitely travelling in Harry and that is why we’ve made the momentous decision to put him up for sale! Yes it’s sad, in fact sad doesn’t even cover the way I feel. I typed up the advert and pressed ‘publish’ and then I dissolved into a dishevelled, weepy, soggy mess, I was sobbing, you know the kind of crying where you can’t catch your breath and you have a pain in the back of your throat?

This is the advert, it sounds so heartless and technical!


Much Loved Left Hand Drive Hymer B564 looking for new home!

We’re so sad to say goodbye to Harry the Hymer! We’ve had such fun!
Hymer B564 on Fiat Alco chassis
UK registered
2004 (54)
Left Hand Drive (perfect for European trips)
Fully serviced
MOT (will be carried out in May 2015)
4 berth with 6 seatbelts. Double drop down cab-bed and dinette makes up into really large double bed.
Large rear bathroom with full sized enclosed shower, full length wardrobes with hanging space, cassette loo and vanity sink. (separated from living area with sliding door)
Side kitchen with 3 burner gas hob, good sized 3 way fridge with ice box and salad drawer. Sink. Microwave. Plenty of cupboards. More storage space than I could fill! Cherry wood finish.
Trauma blown air and hot water heating system.
TV and retractable TV aerial.
Integrated scooter/bike rack.
Reversing camera.
Wind out Awning
We have fitted a Gaslow refillable (2 bottle) LPG system which means you can fill up at a service station for about 70p a litre and it lasts forever!!!
Please email if you need any additional photos, video or information.


I can’t believe that this has to come to an end, this year has flown by and I have truly loved every, single, minute, including the nasty roads, getting lost (many times) the long journeys, the narrow streets, the overhanging trees, the “not quite up to scratch” bathrooms, the dirty, wet, footprints in the van, washing hanging from every door handle and even the freezing cold nights, it has been the best of adventures.

I have loved France (as I knew I would), Spain won me round by showing off her beautiful, little, white-washed villages and incredible coastlines and Portugal was superb even though the weather wasn’t on our side but most of all, it’s been brilliant just being with the Hubster and of course – Charlie, we’ve all got on famously.

We’ve not once got ratty at the lack of space, (although we’ve both put on so much weight that Harry now appears to be somewhat smaller than when we first took delivery of him!) We’ve had a couple of ‘discussions’ but nothing I would class as ‘marriage strengthening! We’ve had so many giggles together, we’ve even invented some new phrases, eg: “Well that was a bit of a Cadiz!” which to us, now means, a lot of work and effort in return for a big fat disappointment!

We’ve eaten every single meal at a table, sitting opposite one another and we’ve talked! It’s been absolutely fantastic. So now “real life” must start once again, I sometimes have trouble realising that we are in our mid to late fifties and we have absolutely no fixed plans!!! I think they call it, “flying by the seat of your pants” or maybe just “damn foolish”!

We know we are going to have tough times ahead, along with some more adventures. I have the confidence that we are strong people and will manage to carve out some kind of future. We have firstly, to return Harry to the UK for his MOT (health check) and hopefully find a new home for him. I will be so envious, nay jealous as hell, of the person who buys him, imagining the fabulous journeys and discoveries they will make. I wonder where Harry will go next? Actually forget Harry, what about us!!

So although I’m not saying goodbye, I think my blogging will be a little, less frequent as we tackle our next challenges, and of course my posts will be of a different nature. As yet, I’m not sure but trust me – you haven’t heard the last from The Hidden Gypsy! I could never stop my writing and of course I have the photography that keeps me hooked too.

So for now, I will say, “That’s it from the ‘travelling’ part of my blog”, but as with everything I do, it could all change, so it’s definitely a case of ‘watch this space’.

I would like to say a massive thank you to all the followers that came along on our journey and wrote such lovely comments, all in all, had over 32000 views, it amazed me, it encouraged me and it kept me focussed.

I have some photos that I forgot to post last time so here is a little slideshow for you to enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

10 thoughts on “Motorhoming in France … Motorhome for Sale!

  1. Ah I hate change and its made me feel a little sad, it will pass onwards and upwards i believe is the phrase. What with Amanda going to Australia. one good bit of news is Beth or Marion has returned to M and S . so nice to see an old friend. Wendy will be retiring did I say she is 78. bless her. good luck xxxx

    • 78 blimey she certainly doesn’t look it, must be M and S waste!!! Yes we must keep a very positive attitude and do some more talking!!! Honestly we’re almost all talked out! We’ve so many decisions to make. We’ll be back in blighty soon, what times do you work, maybe I could pop in and see you?

  2. Remember when you agonized over whether or not Charlie would make the journey? What an adventure it has been. Thank you so much for bringing us along! It has been beautiful, funny, inspiring, delightful. I’m going to miss the mini mental vacations with your wonderful commentaries. Harry will bless someone else’s life, and you will find new adventures. Please, do pop in once a while. I will look forward to those visits. God bless.

    • Oh Judy, thank you so much for those lovely kind words, I really hope that our futures will produce some good blogging material! I look forward to meeting up with you again very soon and shall keep you up to date with both Charlie and Harry’s futures! Take care x

  3. loved the Blog, hope whatever you decide to do next you enjoy as much as the motorhome touring. Good luck xx

  4. There’s a old saying that comes to mind, at its this. When one adventure is at an end, there’s another just waiting for you around the bend. You mentioned that Spain might be the place to start up again. Sounds good to me. You both would fit in beautifully any were but as you both love the warmth and the mañana approach, and not to mention that free spirt of yours, Michelle, it sounds perfect. My thoughts of you were how good you worked together through any problems that arrived and you stayed positive and worked them out together. Any way l have a great idea. Why don’t you give us a call now your back in England and lets get togeher with Steve and Judy. I think you need your camping buddies around lol x Now what l really want to know is, how’s Charlie? Give him a strock for me and a gentle hug of his head. O.k. my lovely, l have to go and cut Kev,s hair. Give us a call. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Hi there, were still in France! Going to UK on Saturday, seriously hope we can get together although were seriously hoping to sell Harry while we’re there so we’ll have to hire some transport! Do you have my email address? Send me your address or private message me on Facebook. Hope you’re both well, at least now we have some sunshine! I’ve missed it terribly so now I’m back in my shorts and feeling quite chilled even though we have masses of life changing decisions to make!

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