What next for the Hidden Gypsy?



Spring is here at long last, the sun is shining, the leaves are popping out of their little buds and giving a bright, lime green hue all around me. Although our ‘travels’ have finished, we are still in France, soon to go back to the UK where hopefully Harry the Hymer will find a new owner and will have many adventures ahead of him. We too, have adventures ahead of us but as yet I have nothing concrete to tell you so you’ll have to wait until we’ve made some definite plans and I’ll keep you all up to date.



We’re on a campsite just outside Paris, and now that the sun is shining, I feel as though I’m truly on holiday! We are spending quite a lot of the time sorting out our belongings and also sorting out bits and bobs on Harry and generally tidying up. The campsite is alongside a river and we have a lovely walk at least once a day with Charlie whose enjoying being settled and all the new sniffs.



Charlie has a new trick! When it is tea time, he lets out his usual little squeak (if we’ve forgotten) by 4:30pm, he watches as we place the bowl of food on the floor not far from him and tell him ‘take it’, at which point he looks somewhat aloof and lets out another squeak, it took us a while to work out what he wanted, the bowl closer to him so that he can eat lying down!!! Can you believe it? Yes I know he’s an elderly gent but he is also a cheeky little monkey! He makes us laugh almost every day, just this morning on our walk, he was transformed into a puppy when he realised there were frogs leaping into the pond on our morning walk. I’m so glad the Hubster was holding the lead, had it been me, he would’ve surely pulled me into the water!! We must also make an appointment for him to visit the vet before we return to England, his passport is all in order, it’s just the worm treatment that needs doing between one and five days before travel.


I keep reminiscing about our trip, it was truly fantastic … OK it wasn’t exactly backpacking around Peru, the outback of Australia or teaching English to some children in a far off land but for me it was a journey of discoveries. It is strange how many times we dipped into someone else’s lives and became close, learned very personal things about people who we will never see again and looking  back we didn’t even exchange names! We experienced wonderful kindnesses from the hands of total strangers. All in all, it has restored my faith in humanity, I’m sure it’s not just Motorhomers and campers who are so kind and helpful, it is surely people in general, we are a kind race at heart, it’s such a shame there is a minority who give us humans a bad name!



I’ve been mulling over where to go next with my photography, I really enjoy it and don’t want to feel that I have to stop now that we aren’t moving around so much. Of course, I will continue to take snaps of my everyday surroundings but I thought I would set myself a bit of a challenge, I do like a good project, a little like blogging, it keeps me focussed.  I think, I shall choose a subject and shall concentrate on that for a year and see what I can come out with! I had originally thought dogs would be my subject of choice, however, with more thought, when I no longer have Charlie with me, I may not feel up to walking around strange woods on my own approaching people I don’t know!



So I’m thinking maybe, windows or doors or even gateways! Yes an odd choice but I think it could be quite interesting! I’m hoping that by the end of the year I will have 12 excellent images ie: one a month with a distinctive style.  Do let me know your thoughts, should I go for this or do you have a better idea, I did think of cats or flowers but there are already so many images of that type around that I knocked that idea on the head!



2 thoughts on “What next for the Hidden Gypsy?

  1. My brother-in-law’s dog always lies down when she eats. First time I’ve seen a dog do that. I do like the idea of gates. It’s lovely to see you, and your pictures are simply gorgeous.

    • Good to be back! Although I don’t have a lot to share just yet! You know Charlie is becoming cheekier by the day! I think I’ll continue to blog but it’ll probably be more photo led, we’ll see, plans never go according to plan in my life! Good job I adapt quite well! 🙂

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