Urgent Shopping Trip To Sarlat

We had a bit of a dilemma on our hands the other evening, we’d run out of carrots! Doesn’t sound that urgent to you perhaps but for Charlie that is as grave as it gets!! He is a massive fan of raw (and cooked) carrots! It’s his treat and I know it’s good for his digestion, his teeth and of course they contain minimal if not zero calories whatsoever. He will turn a few tricks for the promise of a carrot. Charlie is in fact a Dobbit, half Dog, half Rabbit!!


My poor old boy, finding even walks very taxing:(

So we zoomed down to Lidl, not a carrot to be found, can you ‘Adam and Eve’ it, not one solitary carrot. So yesterday morning we were up and at it, bright and early and on our way into Sarlat to visit the market and to get the lad his weekly stock of the orange delicacy! Phew, thank goodness Sarlat market is all about food! In fact, it’s mainly fruit and veg with a healthy dollop of the regional speciality, which is all things Duck and Goose related, not a good place to be if you’re a Vegan!


Erm … very blurry Olives!


You can have Duck or Goose, or Duck or Goose, you choose!


Sarlat’s vibrant Saturday market in front of the Town Hall.


Stall holders dog waiting for hometime!


Even the police visit the weekly market! Not sure why they need the bullet proof vests, is someone not telling me something?

It is an huge street market with about 300 – 350 market stalls! The sights and sounds are just what you need to get you in the French frame of mind! It’s a photographers’ delight, although a little tricky when you are shopping at the same time. You have to be ever so careful as visitors suddenly stop in their tracks, as they glance up at the incredibly tall, medieval, buildings causing bottleneck queues in the little, narrow alleyways and ginnels. There is as much of interest up there as there is at ground level!


One of the many little streets in Sarlat.


This church has modern features which totally fit in, it’s wonderful.



Ready for the lunchtime rush.


The calm before the storm (of hungry customers!)


If you look up, you never know what you may see!

Today we took another trip to the village of Domme, it’s about 10k from Sarlat and it’s perched up high on a hill overlooking a vast expanse of Dordogne Valley and of course the river which was looking particularly majestic today. It is classed as one of France’s most beautiful villages and it certainly lives up to the title. It’s a bastide town and you enter the village through one of the old arched gateways in the surrounding walls. We were glad to be in a car and not in Harry the motorhome, that’s for sure!! Again, the houses are built from the lovely, creamy/yellow stone which is reminiscent of the Cotswold stone back in the UK.


Domme village


Beautiful village houses in soft yellow stone


A very unusual window!

The highlight of our trip to Domme, was probably buying the worst sandwich in France, Bleugh!!! It was supposedly a Panini, NOT!! It was a toasted bit of dry baguette with a layer of ham and some mozzarella. I’m not sure how old the ham was or if the cheese was fresh, but hey ho there you go, you pays your money …10 Euros in our case. Charlie, however, was delighted that we weren’t keen and helped us polish them off!


Thirsty Boy!!!

On the way back we stopped off at the river and to let Charlie have a sniff around. I think due to the sandwiches Charlie supped up some of the precious Dordogne River, whose level has now significantly dropped!!!


The Dordogne River


I wonder if Charlie would like to mess about on the river, like this chap?

Charlie very nearly became more French than expected when the Hubster noticed this little chap under the water …


Spot the Frog!

… the more I clicked the closer he came, until eventually it was me that backed off, I’m not overly keen on frogs !!)


Too close for comfort … Well for me anyway! My niece would love this!!!

I’m just waiting for my sandwich to settle and before you know it, I’ll be supping a glass of Rose wine and I’ll be wondering what’s for dinner, ooh I love being the wife of a Hubster that cooks!

9 thoughts on “Urgent Shopping Trip To Sarlat

  1. That was lovely,thank you michelle. I loved the frog, I have loads of tadpoles just beginning to get their back legs. The photo,s were really nice. X x

    • Ah so glad you enjoyed it, it’s good to be blogging again, I miss it terribly when I don’t get time and it’s good to get the camera out of storage too. Good luck with your frogs, how many have you got?

  2. Hi M, I don’t know if you’ll get this but just wanted to say how evocative I found this lovely blog in and around Sarlat. Isn’t it just a lovely town … especially the market. Wish I was there!!!! You sound happy that’s good Love to both D

    Sent from my iPad


  3. What a charming village; another one to add to my wish list to visit, someday. Good to see Charlie out and about. One of my nieces loves frogs. I don’t hate them, but I’m quite happy for them to stay a fair distance away.

    • Yes I’m the same regards the frogs, I have a great niece who loves catching them! They’re too erratic for me, like mice, you never know which way they’re gonna go! At a distance, like you, I don’t mind them at all!

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