In France with British Weather!

We’ve heard talk of a little village called Tremolat, so off we went, it’s renowned more than anything else for it’s 4 star Hotel called the Vieux Logis, it also boasts a Michelin Starred restaurant, it was delightful. A lovely little town, with a hairdressers, two boulangeries, a couple of bars and restaurants, an estate agency, some artisan studios and very little else.






IMG_3489           IMG_3506

The centre of the village is dominated by the Mairie (town hall) and a huge abbey. It always amazes me just how large these religious buildings are, they obviously catered for all the people from the neighbouring villages.

Above the village of Tremolat is a view point which gives a wonderful view down over the valley with the river below. It was fabulous, high up with the birds, literally!




Coming home, we stopped and bought a baguette, some lovely saucisson, a large bottle of water and some fruit and searched for a picnic spot. Well, we really couldn’t have done any better. We took a little side lane and found an empty area complete with tables and a view too!!




Spot the kittens!! There are two!










Honestly, it’s gone from one extreme to the other. Just a while ago I was harping on about the beautiful golden corn and wheat in the fields and talking about investing in a bathing costume and just yesterday I was honestly debating getting my Wellington boots out of the roof top box!

We paid heavily for the very hot spell with thunderstorms and downpours! There seemed to be 4 thunderstorms going on at once! One grumbling in the distance, another across the valley producing loud cracks, a third booming before dying off and the last was the type that you just know is going to break and make the floor tremble! We had the lot, not to mention a fair share of fork lightening. And then, as they say, came the rains! Yesterday morning we woke to puddles around our decking, so what on earth were we going to do all day long? We went for a tootle, we set off for Hautefort, which is a small village in the north of the Dordogne region and is famous for. guess what? Yes, surprise surprise … a castle! It seemed the French were having a bit of a joke with us, just look at the address of this castle!



We drove for over an hour in the pouring rain, it was totally miserable, Little Miss Sat Nav decided to take us the rural route. We saw lots and lots of fields! Say no more!

Hautefort was a pretty little town even in the rain but totally deserted which most French towns are on a Sunday,  given the weather I think we were the only ones mad enough to be out. We probably saw 4 cars on the entire journey! We arrived at the castle, and although it was truly stunning, I’ve actually edited the photos to black and white as I think it gives a much better impression of what we saw.


We didn’t go in and visit, firstly dogs weren’t allowed and although they are permitted in the gardens, it was wet and miserable! So I jumped out and dodged the raindrops to get a couple of shots and we headed home!

The weather did start to clear on the way back to Sarlat and in fact it was quite warm. As they say “All’s well that end’s well” and I was delighted to see some other people out on the road, I’m so pleased I got this shot of some French lovebirds, tootling along in their old 2CV, the passenger with her head on the driver’s shoulder. So delightful, see they weren’t put off by the weather either!


We thought it would be nice to buy a couple of cool drinks, so we played “First one to find a shop”! Are you kidding?  Not one shop open, so we ended up at McDonalds where we both had a delicious Sundae, Charlie of course didn’t miss out, he licked out the bottom of the pots!

Look! No Paws!!


4 thoughts on “In France with British Weather!

  1. I must have missed an episode as what are you staying in? And Are you going to live in France now. Lovely photo,s .

    • Ha ha! We are currently staying on a campsite in a rented chalet but yes, we’d love to sta y here but we need to find work and house and as yet we can’t work out w high region! Decisions, decisions!

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