Early Morning Trip … What a Palavas!!

As I explained yesterday, we’ve found a solution to getting out and about with Charlie,by getting up at the crack of dawn, while it is still cool enough for him to be comfortable.

While we were in Spain, one of the things that brought us the most joy was seeing Charlie enjoying the beaches, not so much the water (big scaredy cat!) but the sand, he loved it so much, he seemed to come alive.  With this is mind I planned a little trip to the seaside, after all, it’s really just down the road! (10 kilometres away!) Once again, we set the alarm for just before 6 am and were up and out and ready to go by 6.30. We piled into the car and set off for the town of Palavas les Flots (see the cleverish play on words in the title????)

Palavas is a very typical French seaside town, nothing of particular interest, we parked on the front in the large car park and made our way to the beach … Huge signs everywhere … NO DOGS ALLOWED!  So we had a little stroll next to the port and then set off along the coast road.


Seaside port of Palavas les Flots

The coast road is about 8 kilometres long with access to the beach on the right hand side, every access has a sign with an access number. a map, a list of rules and regulations, services available and a massive NO DOGS ALLOWED notice. Oh no! This was not good, it was already about 7.30 and it was heating up, I so wanted Charlie to have a little frolic on the beach. We drove to the end, not one access allowed dogs, it was at the point where I was beginning to whine, when we saw a lady with two dogs on leads and they were both wet! I rolled down the window and asked her if she knew where we could go on beach with dogs. “Access 65” she tells us. We turn the car around and drive back to Access 65 (it was the second one we had passed!) There on the sign was a little image of a dog on a lead.

We raced (well not really) across the road with Charlie in tow, he had absolutely no idea what a lovely surprise was in store for him. We accessed a pristine beach, beautifully raked and ready for hole digging!!


Charlie’s Beach

Charlie’s reaction was somewhat underwhelming, I honestly thought he would be ready to have a little trot but no, he wasn’t interested at all. He didn’t even dig a hole. He did, however, enjoy lying in-between us watching the world go by.


Just Chillin’

We didn’t stay more than an hour, it was starting to warm up, we dowsed Charlie with sea water to keep him cool and he really seemed to enjoy it. I also managed to have a bit of a dip,  just to see what my new nail varnish would look like! ha ha


Don’t you just love the colour? Very pink I think!

I’m so glad we made the effort to take him, even if we didn’t get the reaction I was hoping for!! Bless him, he really is getting very old now and even if it was a bit of a palaver getting there and finding the beach, I felt we’d made the effort for him. I guess this will be his last visit to the beach, it’s good to have photos of him looking happy.


My old boy, possibly his last visit to the beach.

Following our trip to the beach, we find that Charlie is quite tired the following day so we’ll probably do a day trip every other day, giving him time to recover!

We can leave him in the cool flat  on the stone floor with fresh water.  Our friend has lent us an oscillating, tower fan which Charlie has commandeered! He lies in front of it in a crescent shape so he gets cold air blown on him from under his chin down to his tail!  That’s my boy, he may be old but he’s far from stupid!!

4 thoughts on “Early Morning Trip … What a Palavas!!

  1. So glad you found a beach you could visit, and how lovely to have found it because of another dog lover. 🙂 Good to see Charlie. I had the same kind of fan for my dog, and she loved it. Sounds like you have a good plan.

    • Yes dog lovers are a breed apart aren’t they? We were so relieved to find the beach for Charlie. I have another little trick to keep Charlie cool, I’ll share it in my next post!

    • The nail varnish is Rimmel 60 seconds, it comes in so many fab colours, easy to apply and dries in 60 seconds, it’s the only one I buy. I think at one stage I had every colour in the range! I love it!

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