Hidden Gypsy has a new tag line!!

I haven’t written a blog for quite a while (July 24th to be precise) and I’m missing it … missing it like mad, it’s like an itch that I just have to scratch.!  What am I missing about it?

It seems strange to hanker over something which I don’t even find particularly easy to do.  The need to sit at my laptop, hunched over the keyboard, scratching away in the depths of my small, addled brain, delving deeper and deeper in an attempt to find the word that is on the tip of my tongue, the most appropriate word I can use, in an attempt to describe something to someone, known or unknown, in the best possible way.

First and foremost I have a need to get things out of my head and down in writing, maybe my brain just can’t cope with the surplus information and like a hard drive it needs to be purged and defragmented from time to time. I ask myself why do I feel the desire to share my experiences with total strangers as well as those who are dear to me. I’m a naturally talkative person, I love chatter and happiness, so when I experience something I enjoy, I like to tell someone about it, I enjoy seeing their reaction, hearing their opinion, above all I love to see people smile.

So, as a result of this pondering, I’m going to re-start my blog!!! As many of you will know this blog started out as Takingsnaps, whereby I set myself a challenge of taking a photo a day for 365 days in the hope of improving my photography skills, then our life took a swerve and we set off in a motorhome for just under a year and the blog morphed into Hiddengypsy.com, well it’s time for an update, we have landed in Montpellier in the Languedoc Roussillon area in the south of France and we have decided this is where we want to settle, and so hiddengypsy has had a bit of a ‘new looking’ (as they call it in France) and is now hiddengypsy,com with a tag line of ‘Settling in Montpellier’.

I shan’t blog everyday but I will endeavour to write once a week, firstly to keep me sane and secondly to keep a journal of our experiences here in Montpellier. If you find this of interest, all the better, if you feel you want to comment, double happiness for me, if you just want to look at the photos, that’s fine too, if you just simply want to laugh at the stupid mess we get into (which is probably a cert!), then all I can say is ‘enjoy’.


8 thoughts on “Hidden Gypsy has a new tag line!!

    • Ah thank you that’s so kind, we had such a ball with the motorhome and I miss it terribly, it’s such a wonderful way of life, if we had the means I would live in a motorhome for the rest of my days! Unfortunately we’re going to have to make a living!! How? As yet, no idea, watch this space!!!!!

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