A hiatus … TTFN

I haven’t written a post for so long, we’ve been rather busy…


Our destination? The castle if you can spot it!

… It seems that since we lost Charlie, as much as we loved him and miss him, we’ve found ourselves with so much more time on our hands. We’ve now fallen into a rather pleasant, yet exhausting Sunday afternoon routine. Our friends, here in Montpellier, are very fit and enjoy walking. “Would we like to go with them?”  Delighted at the prospect of going for a walk at a decent speed, no time restraints, the faint hope of losing a little weight and the chance to discover this beautiful region, we signed up eagerly.


Just one of the many incredible views.

I did mention our friends were fit, yes? Well, their idea of a walk, is that it has to be vertical! Yep, no ambling through soft, green meadows, along the gentle, white sands of the beach or along the undulating riverbank, no we’re talking upwards, up stoney paths, craggy walls, with sharp, spiky plants and mini cliffs! Well, there would be no view if we weren’t at a vantage point would there? I absolutely love it.


Taken from the ruined castle

We drive out of the city on a Sunday afternoon, away from the noise and the bustle, up winding lanes, through little villages with roads lined with plane trees and park up in a normally, deserted lay-by.  The walk normally starts innocently enough, the aromas rising as we brush through the wild thyme and rosemary, are just heaven. Then the climb commences, up narrow, sometimes overgrown paths, up over boulders, deep into ravines, sometimes having arrived at a point where there’s no exit and having to turn around and start again to find a way through! Taking the camera is a bit of a nuisance, trying to climb with my old canon strapped around my neck doesn’t make it any easier but I’m always so pleased to get back and see what I managed to capture.


Follow me!!

I find it both a challenge and incredibly refreshing. Ok I normally come back with a couple of scratches and bruises, not to mention used muscles but to glimpse the views through the branches, is just amazing. Each walk ends up ‘at the top’, on a cliff top, a ruined castle, or simply a flat area where we settle and drink hot tea and eat dark chocolate. It’s the most exhilarating feeling to get there, I amaze myself every Sunday, and I ache a little less every Monday!


Perched on the edge, tea and chocolate!


Inside the ruined castle


This wasn’t the way … so glad I didn’t go this way!

We seem to have so much going on in our lives right now that I’m finding it difficult to find the time to blog, we literally fall into bed at night, tired and satisfied, I shall continue with the blog but the chances are my posts will be few and far between until we find some sort of routine and normality. I shall post a couple more photos of this beautiful region and hope that you will appreciate them.

Until next time … TTFN!

4 thoughts on “A hiatus … TTFN

    • Thank you Jill, it was so hard to lose Charlie after all those years but he lived life to the full. This part of France is just so beautiful, every day is a delight. I hope I never take it for granted.

  1. It wouldn’t surprise me if Charlie were running along with you, enjoying it as much as you. I happy for your new adventure and look forward to see where you visit. I’ll miss the regular posts but delighted you’re so busy living life! God bless.

    • I can only hope that’s true!! We’re really having such a wonderful time, I promise I will do my best to blog every now and then, there is so much to share!! I just have to stop every now and then and take a breather!!

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