All change … again!

Well, what is it with me? Just last week, I was umming and aahing as to how I could continue my blog, you see, it’s an ever evolving page. Should I take a break? After all, there are surely only so many people who want to read my banter or scroll through my photos and then last week, I was truly bowled over when a local Montpellier Facebook page shared a link to my blog and I had 100s of views, accompanied by a huge amount of comments and incredibly kind emails, even today I’ve had over 150 views and so that is why I am here, at some ungodly hour, squirrelling away at my PC. (Thank goodness for insomnia eh?)

This all started in 2011 when I started “”. I set myself the challenge of taking and posting a photo a day for 365 days.

the arch

One of my first photos, my garden in the UK

Sure I did ‘take snaps’ but found more and more, I was making photos rather than taking photos! I was particularly drawn into dog photography.

Walking on water

Walking on water (a holy dog!)


It’s all in the eyes


I managed the first year and I was delighted. I discovered that my photographical skills were improving but along side I realised I was hooked on writing. I enjoyed it so much that I relaunched for a second year, a photo a day with the odd blog or rant thrown in for good measure! 

Watching the G'children

I became braver with my photography!

Light trails (2)

This is the A3 in Surrey, taken on a freezing, cold night in my PJ’s. It won a prize!

The blog then morphed into a travel journal “”, as my husband and I sold up everything we owned in the UK, bought a motorhome and went travelling with our very elderly dog. We had a dream of settling somewhere in France! (We had no idea where but we knew it would be Southish!)

photo_1 (5)

Cool Dude Harry (the motorhome) with his shades on!


Is it Stevie Wonder? Roy Orbison? Nope it’s Charlie boy!!


Possibly one of the most loved dogs in the world!

So we zig-zagged down the middle of France, had a stint in Spain, (well it was winter) shuffled back up to France again in the search of our new home.



Oh yeah. Spain was really tough!!!

We ended up in Montpellier, I’m not sure why but things obviously happen for a reason. We instantly fell in love with this vibrant and surprising city the moment we walked down the first, narrow street.  


May I just tell you at this juncture, that when we left the UK, I told my husband I would follow him anywhere, I would live in a small house, a hut, a bungalow or a chalet but under no circumstances should he ever expect me to live anywhere near a city, let alone in one! After all, I’m a country girl, I like the fields, the open countryside, views, wellington boots and the sound of cows mooing in the meadows, you get my drift?



Montpellier isn’t exactly the calmest of cities during the summer!

Well, guess what? Yup we’ve just gone and bought a house in the city of Montpellier! 

I honestly thought this blog would become a “settling in a new city, discover it with me” type of blog, I have a sneaky feeling it’s going to become more of a beginners’ guide to DIY in France!

So there you go dear reader, this blog is once again, emerging from a chrysalis and is transforming into something else! I’m not promising a beautiful, butterfly blog probably more hammers, bruises and broken nails (not to mention the frustration and the swearing!) but hopefully you will find it enjoyable and sometimes amusing, if that works then I’ll be more than satisfied.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.

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