Best Laid Plans … I don’t think so!

Wow! I had no idea my post from last night would receive such a response. I had a couple of messages here at WordPress but on my Facebook page, I received so many comments from women in exactly the same position as me with regards to odd sleeping patterns!

So here I am, again, at 2:30a.m. perched on my stool in front of the PC. I went to bed at about midnight and fell into a heavy slumber only to wake up 2 hours later – full of beans!

Today, was one of those days where nothing really goes the way we’d planned, or had nearly planned!


Superb views, empty roads and rising temperatures!

Our lovely friends wanted to take us to a restaurant on the outskirts of Montpellier, we’d  been wanting to go for a while but seeing as it’s been Tourist season and the last Saturday of the month had passed, we decided today would be the day. Anticipating, our trip, this morning I laid out a lovely summer dress and prepared my bag, complete with camera.  An added bonus came in the form of a phone call from our friends to say after our meal out we would be taken to see the waterfalls, not far from the said restaurant, where we could go for a dip. How exciting! I busied myself, collecting all the things we would need in my beautiful wicker basket, swim shoes, bottles of water, towels, suntan lotion, bikini, “Where’s your costume” I shout to the Hubster, no answer, I go and find him and ask him where his swimming costume, OK, I go and get the said costume  and pop it in the basket. Great – ready for the off!


The scenic route

We were just waiting for the phone call to tell us at what time to leave, (depending on the reservation) collect a friend on the way and Bob’s your uncle.

The phone rang, damn it, the restaurant was full! Operation Subsitution was deployed, my friend and I hit the internet, to find a replacement restaurant in the same area.  Bingo! 15 minutes later, a reservation was made. OK it wasn’t the restaurant that we had wanted to go to, but hey, we were going out for the day, with our friends, the sun was shining and we were going to the river! What more could I ask for?


More beautiful views

Watches synchronised, we made for the car.  We had to get a move on, the booking was at 1 p.m.and we had about an hour’s drive. I called our friend to say we were on our way to collect him, ‘Ah I’m not going to make it!’he tells me! Unforeseen circumstances had scuppered his plan to join us. We set off, one down!!


The ivy clad restaurant


We were to meet our other friends en route, we made it on time and followed them through the beautiful French countryside to the substitute restaurant – it didn’t disappoint. The location and food were splendid and we thoroughly enjoyed our long, leisurely lunch. I opted for, Amuse Bouches, followed by a beautifully cooked, rump steak with peppercorn sauce, accompanied by Dauphinoise potatoes and Aubergine mash, washed down with a chilled bottle of local rosé wine. All of this followed by the most scrumptious chocolate and pear dessert! Yum!


Entrance to the terrace of the resto


Restaurant garden

We left the restaurant, taking the scenic route to the waterfalls. I stood on the bridge, the best vantage point to take in the view. Oh boy, what a disappointment! Not the waterfalls, but the sheer amount of people who had settled in for the day, I could hardly believe my eyes. They were everywhere!


Not a spot to be found!

Groups of people, young and old,  families gathered having picnics, youths plunging into the water, children shouting, babies crying, dogs barking, people just standing around chatting and socialising,  there was such a cacophony being carried on the breeze up to the bridge where I stood. It was multicoloured mayhem! Needless to say we didn’t stay! We got back into our, now, very warm cars and in baths of perspiration and desperation hit the air-con button.


I told you it was busy!

OK not a problem, we decided we would make our way to our usual location on the river, for a dip before heading home. As we approached the spot, there were no parking places at all but a kilometre or so further on, we pulled in and parked up. By now, everyone was ready to plunge into the nearest pool of water. We just had to climb down the steep bank to the river’s edge. Laden down with bags, baskets, camera and now feeling very, very, hot and if I’m honest, a little irritable due to lack of sleep, I soon realise why  we don’t normally come to this spot! I could’ve done with crampons and a guide rope!


Desperately seeking swimming spot!


One of the pretty riverside villages on our trip

The relief when we got to the bottom was evident, the guys dumped everything they were carrying and launched themselves into the crystal clear water, splashing me temptingly with the cool droplets. I ferreted through my basket, ‘Bikini, bikini, where’s my bikini?’ I called half-heartedly to the Hubster ‘Have you seen my bikini?’ I knew the answer, of course he didn’t know where it was, I had a sinking feeling as I realised my bikini was back at home, lying on the bed! More sinking feelings as I realised that as we’d been to the restaurant, I wasn’t wearing my usual shorts and scruffy teeshirt, Oh no!



Well, not being a girl who takes no for an answer, (well not often!), I threw off my shoes,  hitched up my skirt and waded fully dressed in the river, I got soaked, from head to toe, from outer garments to my underwear and I didn’t have a care in the world. I spent the rest of the afternoon in various stages of undress until my clothes were ‘dryish enough’ to get back in the car for the drive home, where I’m pleased to announce I managed to drop off for about 10 minutes and felt like a new woman by the time we arrived, even if I did look as though I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards. The sight in the bathroom mirror was somewhat creased, damp and dishevelled!

This evening was spent having an impromptu meal with our friends, it hadn’t been planned and you know what? Everything went without a hitch – wouldn’t you know it?



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