I’m an ENFJ! What are you? Can we trust personality tests?

I wonder if I’m the only one who does this? I’m constantly questioning myself, asking questions about my personality, querying why I react the way I do, how I deal with situations and people, often wondering why I don’t ‘think’ and ‘see’ the same way as others.

Arc de Triomphe Coin

This is a twisted and turned version of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, I really like the almost Celtic feel that it has by distorting it.

I’m that sad person who clicks on the links from websites, ‘Personality Finder’, ‘What makes you tick?’, ‘Typical Traits of an Aquarian’ and any other plethora of rubbishy websites out there. I’m never overly convinced by the results, they always seem to be far too ambiguous and could in fact apply to my husband, sister and on some occasions they resemble my dog’s character more than mine!

Maybe all of that has changed, I was browsing a website the other day and there was a reference to a personality test called the MBTI, which stands for the Myers Briggs Test. It started up in 1943, so it’s got some longevity, it’s used often by HR departments and during development and training, this doesn’t mean it’s a scientific test by any means!

I thought I would give it a go. It’s a simple test, a series of questions that you have to answer as honestly as you can, hardly rocket science.

There are 16 personality types according to this test, my results showed that I  am a ENFJ. (E -Extrovert, N – Intuition, F – Feeling, J – Judgement)

So how close to the truth was it? I shan’t go in to all the details because once the test is over, the results come in thick and fast, I’m talking reams of information. I’ll try and go through a couple of character traits that rang true or false with me.


Eggstaordinary results?

I was interested to see that ENFJ’s have as many weaknesses as strengths! This was interesting as having recently attended an interview, where I was convinced I would be asked what my strengths and weaknesses were, this has been at the front of my mind over the last couple of weeks.  So I wondered if this test would come up with the same answers as me.

May I just start by saying that ENJF’s account for just 2% of the population, no wonder I’m always wondering why I question the way I am compared to others!


I like being just 2% of the population!



I couldn’t bear to start with my strengths as it seemed a little big headed, so here we go … all my faults laid bare for all to see!


Tendency to be smothering and over protective

Hard to say, I don’t have children so whether I would be like this or not – I’m not convinced. I’m certainly not over protective of my husband, although I was a devoted dog owner, so maybe! I do tend to take people under my wing so I would say protective but not smothering.


Tendency to be controlling and/or manipulative

Ouch! Well, I’ll agree to the controlling, I do like to be in control of things (is that a weakness?) However, I refuse to put my hand up to being a manipulator.  I’m not intelligent enough to be manipulative (except Photoshop manipulation!) even emotional manipulation is too much like hard work!

Don’t pay enough attention to their own needs

This is hardly surprising, leg hair grows at an alarming rate, nails need polishing, hair needs washing, of course I don’t pay enough attention to myself, but it’s not just me, it’s every women I know!  On a serious note, I do think that women are born with an inbuilt caring quality whereby they do tend to put others first.


Aghhhh the pain!!

Tend to be critical of opinions and attitudes which don’t match their own

I wouldn’t have said so, I’m a strong believer in the fact that everyone is different and has the right to their own opinions, blimey, life would be a bore (or maybe not) if everyone thought the same as me! I will however own up to not liking criticism, yes I know it’s constructive but I’m still not mad keen on it!

Sometimes unaware of social appropriateness or protocol

This is getting serious now! Well, if I’ve had a glass or four of wine, what would you expect? No, I’m sorry I’m not accepting this! And by the way if I am ever guilty of that, then I blame my MUM!! (Sorry Mum!). May I also point out that not everyone can balance a spoon on their nose!!


Etiquette, what etiquette?

Extremely sensitive to conflict, brushes things under the carpet

This is pretty apt, although with age I am getting much better at getting stuck in.  I don’t like arguments, I don’t like to see others upset and I don’t like being upset myself, in my opinion, an argument can waste a day of your life and life is too short.


Under the carpet, head in the sand, whatever!

Tendency to blame themselves when things go wrong and not give themselves credit for when things go right

Well, I certainly wouldn’t take the blame for something that I didn’t do,(I’m not a total buffoon)  but I am pretty rubbish at taking credit for myself. If I were better at it, I would’ve taken my photography to another level!


Phew, glad that’s over! Now let’s see something a little more positive …

Good verbal communication skills

Well, I have to agree that I’m a talker, Mum used to call me a chatterbox but now I’m in my 50’s (I’m a quick learner) I have calmed that down a little although I can be heard gabbling away to myself.


Words, there’s just so many of them!

Very perceptive about people’s thoughts and motives

If, by this, they mean empathetic then yes, I stand guilty as charged. This is definitely one of my character traits.

Motivational, inspirational, brings out the best in others

This is pretty close to what I had regarded as my own strength, I had thought enthusiastic and able to motivate others, so thats pretty damn good.

As for inspirational – Wow I wish! Do let me know if any of you find me inspirational – so we can have a good laugh!!

One of those Days!

Definitely brought out the best in this fella!

Warm, affectionate and affirming

Wow, I’m beginning to look like an angel aren’t I?


A cross-eyed angel!

Fun to be with, sense of humour, energetic, optimistic

I would say I do have a sense of humour, a very British, dry sense of humour which isn’t always understood here in France, I do tend to get some very odd, spaced-out looks every now and then! As for Energetic and Optimistic, that’s me alright, buckets of both. 10 out of 10 for that.


Opimistic? It must be what I drink every morning, a little cup of rainbow!

Good money skills

I knew this was going too well! Good money skills, are you kidding me? I’m dreadful with money. It’s not that I spend a lot, in fact, I hate shopping, so that’s not my problem. I blame it on number dyslexia, even though I keep the accounts accurately, I have a total inability to remember numbers!


Loyal and committed

Another definite quality that I possess, 35 years of marriage can vouch for that!

Hands (1)

Strive for the Win-Win situation

Someone I know will giggle when she reads this! You know who you are!!

Driven to meet others’ needs

I have worked for years with the public and in Customer Service so this too makes a lot of sense.


And so there you have it? Me, in a nutshell! I think overall the result was pretty acurate, what I’m going to do with all this information is a mystery! If nothing else, it was fun, harmless and gave me a topic for a blog!  I would recommend giving it a go if you have 30 minutes to spare. Just google MBTI test and you’ll find it online.

Keep in Touch

A ‘Keep In Touch’ Greeting card, featuring a collection of pens on a white background.

Drop me a line and let me know how you get on …


3 thoughts on “I’m an ENFJ! What are you? Can we trust personality tests?

  1. The flaw I found with these tests is that it all depended on the mood I was in at the moment. In fact, I could take the same test twice in a row and end up with different results each time. I stopped bothering to take them. You do inspire, joy, amazement, sometimes tears (Charlie), appreciation for beauty of the world you shared, for starters.

    • Oh Judy, you do make me laugh, I tried really hard with this test to really seek the correct answer, given any given day! I think I was as honest as I could’ve been, and answered the most appropriate to me and my character. I do understand what you mean though! Some of these quizzes have such ambiguous questions that’s it’s almost impossible to answer them!
      You are so kind to say I inspire, and yes, it’s really important for me to take the time every day to appreciate what we have and as you say the beauty that surrounds us. I just hope that I’ll always be able to do that, it’s appreciating the little things around me that makes me realise just how lucky I am. I feel as though I am incredibly priviledged. Thank you so much for your support, that is another thing that I appreciate so much. Take care x

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