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Well, I’m getting older and not necessarily any wiser, but I know what I want, which is a huge improvement on what I was like 2 years ago. I want to live in France, I want to live in the South of France, I want to live a simple life, honestly how hard can that be? Well, I’m about to find out. Here we are in Montpellier, the most exciting and appealing city I’ve ever come across, how will we fit in, how will we earn a living, how and where will we find to live here, it’s anyone’s guess but by jove, we’re going to give it a shot!!! Watch this space!


Well that was written a moon ago! Here I am back at my PC totally addicted to photography and post processing! I’ve loved my year blogging and although it was a huge amount of pressure in finding a photo a day, I’m glad to say I’m back! But this time hopefully at a slower and more considered pace….I hope you will enjoy my ramblings and musings! Above all I hope you enjoy my photography.


I really need to prove to myself that I can ‘stick’ at something….I’m a bit of a butterfly and constantly come up with ideas but never manage to follow through.  I move furniture around the house on a weekly basis, I love to move home, I change jobs like most people change socks! One thing that is consistent in my life is my husband of over 30 years and my love of dogs and photography.  I find beauty, curiosity and interest in the most ordinary of things and take photos with my phone and camera almost daily.

I want to discover whether the ‘blog’ factor will discipline me, will I keep this up for a year? I will do my best, I hope in the meantime that anyone who’s interested will also see what I see in my everyday life.

Here goes..

53 thoughts on “About Me

    • I’m already totally addicted, I sat up til 3 in the morning, cramming on photography, apertures, speeds etc…I’ve already forgotten half of it. But tomorrow is another day and I can’t wait to get out there. Dogs are brilliant subjects so we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Thanks for your support.

  1. hi @takingsnaps – thanks for following my blog

    Are you a Sagittarius? b/c you personal description defines myself! lol..that’s funny. i started my blog in July of 2011 and i must say outside of Art and Family, it is something that has remain consistent. i guess because it is me. i feel society teaches us to find something and stick to it but i don’t see anything wrong with discovering who you are b/c your likes/dislikes will vary through the course of our lives, right?

    i will be following your blog to learn more about photography.

    • Hi there, No I’m a very typical Aquarian (apparently!) I know what you mean about pressure to stick at something, I just haven’t found what it is. I am really enjoying the photography though and my enthusiasm hasn’t waivered…..yet!!! I’ve just signed up for a photography course – so watch this space!! Thanks for following, who knows what may happen this year…I’m an eternal optimist!

  2. Hi! I need help & I think you have the answers. I have tried to set up different pages and just cannot post on anything except the front page of my blog, other than one individual post on the other pages. Could you quickly explain to me how to do this? What am I missing? I’ve tried the help links but cannot find the answers. ~Mona

    • Thank you so much….I will check it out over the next couple of days….looks like I’ll have to get my thinking cap on. You are very kind to think of me. Many thanks.

  3. please check out my today’s post, about awards and more… I’ve mentioned you there ’cause you’ve nominated me once ~or twice~ and to show my respect for your work 😀

    • Joanna what a lovely way to respond to the awards/tags…I must admit I find it such hard work but always feel so flattered and grateful when someone nominates me. Thank you so much for mentioning me…you’ll need to get a bigger mantle piece!!!

      • That is so sweet to say… and believe me when I say I feel SO flattered and honored when people nominate me, but I just don’t like the chain-letter idea behind it… and it takes so much time to do it RIGHT so I just don’t want to participate… thank you for your kindest reply 😀

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