Moving Home – Notifications


GAS and ELECTRICITY SUPPLIER – this one is straight forward – go to their website and find the area where it says ‘MOVING HOME’ Fill out all the details and then on the day of the move, take a final reading of your gas and electricity meters and go to the website and fill it out there or ring the reading through to the company directly.  Make sure you have a note of your account number to hand. I will then go online and find my final bill and can pay it online.


Well this is a pain in the butt, as we have broadband and telephone together, we were unable to stop just the broadband and leave the phone line open for the new occupants. So we had to close it all down and the new owners will have to start from scratch. However if you are with BT they will leave the line open for the new people with the same number.


Woah how many insurance policies have we got exactly. A nightmare and we’ve never claimed a penny!! Seems so futile but we all think ‘What if?’ Anyway for all of these it is a case of ringing up, and be prepared for the press 1, press 2 and option menus that drive you potty then followed by endless muzak to befuzzlife your brain. By the time you speak to someone you’ve actually forgotten who it is you’re ringing! Again make sure you have your policy numbers to hand. A note,  you must inform them if you are going abroad as this can affect your policy. I’ve got quite a few of these outstanding as we haven’t ‘gone’ yet. So I have a note of all the numbers and details for when the time arrives.


This was the most straightforward one of the lot, you simply go on line and give a forwarding address and they send you a cheque for any monies paid up in advance…they were mighty quick.


What a rigmarole! You go online, fill out the form then you have to print it off, and find supporting evidence ie: that we had sold the house, photocopy that, put it all in an envelope, go and buy stamps and send it by post. Who knows when I’ll receive a refund for that one!


Again this is done online and pretty straightforward, no refund due as we pay monthly. They too need a forwarding address.


I had totally forgotten about these, so what I’ve done is given my sisters address and I’ve made sure that we have online accounts which means that while we are away we can check and pay our bills online and hopefully they won’t send too much junk to my sister!


Again you have to inform them if you are going abroad for more than 3 months and you have to send back your NHS card (the address is on the front of it). You then have to re-register when you return to the UK.


This of course will need doing nearer the time of departure or sale of the car. For the moment I’ve kept all my details in a file that I shall carry around with me until the time needed.


Now this one is going to be tricky but I have done some googling and found that you can give a ‘Care Of’ address.


Here you can choose to pay voluntary NI contributions while you’re away. You have to apply using form CF83 you can find this form and accompanying guidance notes on the back of leaflet NI38. This needs filling in and sending back. At the same time you can notify them of your change of address/circumstances.


Eg: I suddenly remembered I had membership to the Royal Horticultural Society garden, let them know or they will automatically renew your membership if you paid by credit card!

Store cards, need notifying or they will send endless amount of junk to the new owners and there is nothing more annoying.


We had a membership with Easy enough, notifying them online easy peasy.


Charlie’s passport is all up to date so I shall notify the vet when we leave which will prevent them sending out reminders for his booster. I shall make a note of when it is due and have it done abroad.


This is going to be a really tricky one as they like to have a current address and obviously we don’t have one! So I shall cross that bridge when the time comes. I’m hoping they will accept a ‘Care Of’ address, if not I’m not sure what our options will be.

I think that just about covers all the notifications that I’ve had to do.



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